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Talk about the sound characteristics of several different brands of pianos

this post about piano was written more than a year ago. It was originally written for a friend of the earphone, because the appliance alliance station met and gave it to them. I think many friends still care about the sound of the piano. Now they send it here

there are many most famous pianos today. We can hear them: Steinway & Sons, Bosendorfer, Fazioli and Bechstein in 2010. In the past year, maybe it was my persistence that moved God. Fortunately, I was surprised to have heard it at least once on the spot

an old topic immediately came out. What is the difference between the voices of these famous zither? Whose voice is better

a few days ago, I saw someone describe three kinds of piano sounds. Although his description is very different from my on-site listening experience, I think it is necessary to briefly summarize others' descriptions first, and make a brief introduction as follows

Steinway's pursuit of timbre is almost abnormal. He has to undergo rigorous inspection before appearing to ensure that every Steinway piano has a unique sound. In terms of timbre, Steinway's voice is difficult to express in words. It feels like a dignified and regal voice. Whenever people hear Steinway's voice for the first time, they are all impressed by his noble temperament. Steinway's piano bass is thick and incomparable, the Alto is warm and broad, and the treble is bright and gorgeous. But as far as the Alto is concerned, Steinway is the most outstanding, with strong appeal and expressiveness. However, the author believes that the most lethal is Steinway's natural imperial temperament

bessendorf adopts different standards from Steinway, so the timbre emphasis is also different. Bessendorf's voice is implicit, but it has a lot of details. It is obvious that it is the voice of the German Austrian department. The most distinctive feature of bessendorf lies in the bass area, where the voice is clear, round and thick. It can create a peculiar timbre atmosphere. Many pianists call it "the artistic conception is deep and implicit". It seems that the Epee has no edge, and the great skill does not work

about the difference between Steinway's and besendorf's piano sounds, a friend specially excerpted an article on the comparison of piano sounds from a magazine, which is worth reading

"There is still a difference between Steinway made in the United States and Steinway made in Europe. The former has a brighter sound quality, while the latter has a rounder sound. Most pianists say that its piano can meet various requirements, with pure sound quality and wide range, bright treble and rich bass. Many pianists do not think that the besendorf is as comprehensive as the Steinway, but its bass to mid tone sound is full, and the treble is sweet without gold These can be compared with Steinway. The bessendorf is also an ideal instrument for performing the elegant Vienna style works of Mozart and Schubert. The pianist barkhaus mentioned in a famous conversation that he found that the bassendorf has its own unique playing effect, and it is completely compliant with any intention of the pianist in terms of sound and touch. "

thank you very much for your concern! I didn't subscribe to this magazine, and I read the excerpts for the first time. But I think this is what a person who has really heard and carefully compared the two kinds of piano sounds said, or his feelings are very similar to mine. I especially appreciate his two words:

most pianists are shown in the following figure: they all say that Steinway can adapt to various requirements, with pure sound quality and wide range, bright treble and rich bass; 129 of the 307 enterprises with piano but nitrogen fertilizer lost money (accounting for 42%) and did not think that bessendorf was as comprehensive as Steinway's piano, but its bass to midrange sound was full, and its treble voice was sweet without metal sound, which could be compared with Steinway

specially note the meaning of this sentence: the high voice is sweet without metal sound, which can be compared with Steinway. To be more accurate, bessendorf's voice is very mellow. It seems that the treble is a little less, but it may not be less

Steinway's high voice has a very obvious special metal sound, which makes it very open. If we use the human voice as a metaphor, one is the voice of adults, and the other is the voice of young people. In terms of performance music, German and Austrian works use besendorf's piano very well, but many works, especially modern works, use Steinway more appropriately, and his performance is more comprehensive. So, I would like to add that, in fact, only the high metal sound is incomparable to Steinway

the European zither has a major feature, that is, it feels very heavy, and it seems very difficult to play for a long time. Bessendorf's piano is also like this. It is heavy and many people can't play it. Deng Taisong, a French Vietnamese pianist, plays beisendorf with a beautiful sound. No pianist in China can make such a beautiful sound; Xu Fei, a pianist living in the United States, resolutely refused to record with him before he died. At the end of a concert, I asked a boy who was studying piano to try and compare his Yamaha triangle with his. The boy was surprised and asked, why is this piano so heavy? The childish words were so impeccable that his questions caused a great deal of laughter

what I said caused a friend's suspicion: he said that it was a top-notch famous piano in any case. It was so difficult to play, and its defects were so obvious. Could it not be better to reflect the essential sound of the piano than "Yamaha" or "Pearl River"

this friend misunderstood me and said it was difficult to play, not that he had many obvious defects! The difficulty here is that compared with other pianos, his keys seem heavy and difficult to touch. It is not that there is no sound, but that the sound of the piano is inaudible, lacking beauty, and does not reflect the essential sound of the piano. If you use Yamaha and Kawai pianos when you study, you will not be able to play a really good piano in the future. Because I am used to the feeling of "frivolous" zither, I often can't control the sound of these good zither. Don't say that bessendorf's piano is so heavy. When I tried Steinway's piano for the first time, I thought it was almost silent

friends who have heard of bessendorf will not dare to say anything like "the most lethal is Steinway's natural imperial temperament". It has a great impact on China's POM industry. What is "imperial gas"? Please listen to bessendorf! The beauty of his high voice is natural, sweet and moist. The overtones of the pitch and bass are very prominent, and the bass is particularly thick. The four bass black keys that he has created are not just ordinary spirit, but the heroic spirit he has shown is real king spirit, which is incomparable; Please remember that the sound of bessendorf's piano has enjoyed the reputation of "Vienna timbre" since 1850. It is famous all over the world because of the baptism of Liszt's "storm". His most famous piano 290se is called "emperor"

some people say that they have listened carefully to the difference between the two kinds of piano sounds from Schiff and Peterson's records. They feel that the tenor of besendorf is more rounded and exquisite. Steinway is brighter. Therefore, some people suspect that in the fever recording, besendorf's voice may be more pleasant! In any case, it's better to say that bessendorf is more beautiful than Steinway, or disagree with it. The key is to see what works are played. It's important to emphasize the surging works. Of course, Steinway is better than Steinway. This is also Steinway's best performance in an all-round way

in the fever recording, the piano sound recording is more beautiful. It's hard to say. At first, I felt that I seldom heard besendorf's recording. Maybe it's even harder to capture the beauty of his voice? In fact, our information is ineffective and our vision is not wide. Bessendorf still has some feverish recordings, such as the "dynamic piano emperor" by MIT and the "naum Starkman playing Chopin" by PMG. I think the best piano sound recording of beisendorf is the disc of "Brendel's solo concert in Salzburg" recorded by phlilps. It can almost be said that it is not only one of beisendorf's best recordings, but also the first day of piano live recording

it is said that the bessendorf piano factory, which was established in Vienna in 1828, is now owned by the American Kimball company. Even so, the concert in the Golden Hall continued to use him

the luxurious and beautiful Italian famous Jean facciori has finally entered my audio-visual line. His voice is very "young" and his history is very young. He was founded in 1978. His piano sound is very beautiful, and the color changes a lot. No wonder some people always say that Giori was born with the romantic temperament of the Mediterranean

Fazioli has been highly recommended by some pianists in succession over the years, and has even been praised as "the best piano for digital recording"; "The tone is sexy and provocative. It has strong lethality and penetration at close range. Young men and girls can't resist the temptation of this sound, and it's hard to stay in love."

listening to Fazioli, I can't help thinking of the sunshine of the Mediterranean. His changes seem more graceful than the Mediterranean. The greatest advantage of the piano sound is that the high notes are clear and bright. What is particularly unforgettable is the smoothness of the piano sound. Like the waves of the sea, the connection is very smooth and natural. If you play Debussy's works with this piano, it's really charming

I think it is the best instrument to use him to play many lyrical sketches and chamber music, but German and Austrian works may not be suitable. Even Schumann's piano works may lack the meaningful and noble flavor. For modern light music, jazz and new age, facciori can perform well, and the market is rising rapidly. The partisans think that he has the intention of becoming a new generation leader

all famous zither seems to have unique skills. Faqiaoli piano also has its own unique skill. It has four pedals, which are on the leftmost position. It has one more pedals called "soft sound" than other pianos. When you step on the pedal with your foot, the height of the whole keyboard will be reduced by half. In this way, when you use it, the distance between the keyboard and the bottom will be reduced by half. The strength will be limited, and the sound will be limited. The sound of the piano sounds much more supple. In order to prevent the performer from stepping on this pedal by mistake, his position is set at a large distance from the other three pedals. Instead of the pedals extending forward, it is deliberately bent outward to the left. Therefore, when I saw someone's description of him on the audio forum, I immediately thought of the writer himself. In fact, I didn't actually pay attention to this detail

the French Origen sounds exciting and exciting, just like Italian audio products, such as Shiba speakers. Its sound is rich in color and very luxurious. Before the beginning of a concert, when I communicated with the player practicing the piano, the player was full of praise for his piano sound. Because of their high interest, the performers have repeatedly given up the time to rest and consume snacks to enjoy the piano. According to the performer's description, his voice is particularly vocal, and the touch of the piano keys is particularly good, which is very easy. His concert performance is F308, which is claimed to be the largest piano in the world

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