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Jinlun: my view on cloud call center

what is cloud call center

according to the requirements of national standard gb1499 (2) 007

cloud call center is an integrated enterprise integrated information service system platform based on computer integration technology (CTI) and cloud computing technology, integrating, mobile, customer service, email, SMS and other communication methods

how did cloud call centers come into being

with the increasing popularity of cloud computing, the mature application of cloud computing, and the emergence of cloud call centers based on cloud computing, call centers have more powerful service capabilities and wide and flexible applicability. The cloud call center places the call center on the cloud, and enterprises can obtain services according to their own needs, which greatly reduces the cost of using the call center services. This enables both large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises to use call center services equally, rather than using call center service types according to economic strength. Therefore, with the continuous popularity of Yunhu, including Haiba, jinmingyang, hanlinda, bolixun, Shineng, Jiangsu Litian and other call centers, enterprises operate and manage efficiently in customer service, marketing and various purposes

characteristics of cloud call center

the remarkable characteristics of cloud call center are flexible resource scheduling, system load balancing, safe and stable application, and customized business on demand

cloud call center classification

1 Virtual call center. Service providers build a centralized platform, and then we share this service through the network

2. Call center system platform class. This is a cloud computing route taken by many traditional manufacturers. In fact, they mostly develop in the way of cloud computing from the technical architecture itself. In terms of business model, the service mode has basically not been adopted, so we think it is more a cloud concept in terms of system platform

3. Thin terminal class. Basically, this method has nothing to do with the system of the call center itself. It is just the application of thin terminal, or the application of thin terminal technology in the call center industry

cloud call center application

the above is the author's conceptual elaboration of cloud call center. Now I will share the application of cloud call center with you. Jinlun is the largest call center operator in China. Jinlun qihuyun is the top stacked product of cloud call center, which is applied in various industries. The functions of the enterprise call cloud system are as follows:

1 Efficient communication (, click outbound, instant messaging, email, SMS, station customer service and other communication methods are integrated)

2 Sales records (each communication has a clear follow-up track)

3 Process management (the call report is simple and clear, the call recording is clear and easy to check, and the sales process is clear at a glance)

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4 Customer management (CRM: customer information obtained from various channels is gathered into one), which promotes the team performance to be better and better, and achieves excellent operation efficiency for the enterprise

in a word, Jinlun technology believes that the arrival of cloud call center helps more small and medium-sized enterprises, realizes the long cherished wish of spending money from small companies and becoming a big company under the cloud platform, and promotes the development of enterprise communication informatization

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