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My opinion on white pollution (IV)

question 13, who is the researcher of this innovative research achievement? What is the name and characteristics of the project

answer: this innovative research achievement was completed by Mr. Zhao Yunliang. The retired senior chemical engineer not only solved the worldwide problem of collection and transportation, but also took the lead in breaking through the recycling and regeneration mode of waste utilization and the practice of losing money. This research achievement, entitled "recycling, treatment, development and utilization of waste white foam plastic products", uses "white foam" as a new resource to develop a product with high technical content, which can not only eliminate pollution (social benefits), but also obtain economic benefits (after filling the high cost of waste utilization with the technical added value of the product, there is still considerable profit)

he was in charge of spraying management when he was in office, and he was quite familiar with the coating performance. Because non degradability was the goal of coating products, he thought that through the research of function conversion, he would turn "white bubble" into a non degradable coating. However, this wonderful idea goes beyond the discussion of polymer and coating chemistry theory, and it is also a forbidden area that today's coating industry can't pay attention to! At the beginning, it can only be a dream that cannot be realized at all

"Zhao Gong" not only turned this dream into reality! There are four characteristics in this research result, which make this research nearly perfect. They are:

1, "normal temperature and pressure" equipment

2, "no secondary pollution" in treatment and production

3, "cost free defoaming" during raw material collection

4, products and diluents do not contain "benzene, aldehydes and toxic chemical raw materials"

question 14, what is the content of this scientific research achievement, product performance and use

answer: this achievement includes three aspects:

1. Solve the collection of "white bubbles" through "defoaming and volume reduction" and 2. The problem of highly dispersed transportation of innovative resources and innovative forces

2, dissolve the "white bubble" material after defoaming into liquid and remove impurities

3, a series of coating products with "white bubble" material as the main film-forming material are prepared with pure "white bubble" liquid. These products and thinners do not contain benzene, aldehydes and other toxic chemical raw materials, and have the functions of fast volatilization, anti sunlight and waterproof. At present, the trial production has:

3--1, which is a high-quality and low-cost interior and exterior wall coating used in the construction industry

3--2, double anti new (waterproof and anti leakage) materials with excellent performance

3--3, self-cleaning coating for road special fast drying when the load can no longer rise, as well as the marine series coating, insulation series coating, thermal insulation coating and anti-corrosion series coating to be developed

the main properties of these products are the physical and chemical properties of polystyrene resin, such as UV resistance, water, bacteria, microorganisms and corrosive gases in the air. It is widely used

question 15. In order to solve the problem of "collection and transportation", foreign countries have also carried out research from "defoaming and volume reduction". What is the difference between the two? What are the characteristics of this study

answer: foreign science and technology are very developed. According to the characteristics of a large number of "white bubbles" and light weight, in order to solve the problem of "collection and transportation", they have developed technologies such as hot melting, mechanical pressing, melting and gel. The ideas and methods of solving the problem by discharging the air in the "white bubbles" are all correct, and each achievement is very mature. However, there are difficulties in the implementation of these research results (such as high requirements for the cleanliness of waste before defoaming). As a result, the research results of these bubbles are shelved

"Zhao Gong" based on China's national conditions and the current situation of waste collection, also started to study from "defoaming and volume reduction". Because there was no requirement for the cleanliness of waste before defoaming, and the "defoaming liquid" and containers of "defoaming and volume reduction" can be provided to the acquisition site free of charge, this world-wide problem has been better solved. Although there is no new idea in its solution, the effect is quite different. In order to more clearly explain the characteristics of this study, the actual operation of the "workshop" is introduced as follows:

after putting the "white bubble" into blocks or pieces into the container containing the defoaming volume reducing liquid, the volume of the "white bubble" decreases with the rapid overflow of air until it becomes a gel like substance and sinks to the bottom. For a time, the container seemed to become a bottomless hole, and a lot of "white bubbles" were instantly loaded into the bucket until the solution disappeared. According to the measurement, a 60 liter plastic bucket with 25 kg of defoaming volume reducing liquid can hold 30 kg of "white foam" products (the apparent volume is about 3 cubic meters), making it easy to collect and transport

question 16, "no white" has been implemented, and all kinds of tableware made of degradable materials have been completely replaced by "white bubble" tableware. What is the significance of this research result

answer: because the cost of this replacement is too high, the author estimates that it will die prematurely because it exceeds the affordability of society. If the government vigorously promotes it, the society will fall back to the old way of using recycled tableware (this situation has occurred in a large number at present). The social problems caused by the decline of sanitary conditions may be ignored by the "white ban"! If the government adopts subsidy (which is impossible) to implement this substitution, it will also be a great waste of resources! On the premise of failing to control the environmental pollution caused by "white foam", if this substitution has any significance, it will become an intolerable mistake after the success of the research on "recycling, treatment, development and utilization of waste white foam plastic products"

no matter whether the world has "banned white goods" or not, once we see this comprehensive waste utilization technology with the minimum pollution, the maximum energy and resources conservation, the minimum harmlessness and the best economic benefits in raw material treatment, production process and product use, it will be like a treasure, love it and open the door to convenience. For the waste "white bubbles" of mechanical packaging, electrical packaging, building materials packaging, food packaging... After clamping the test pieces with 5, upper and lower clamps, this study is like a duck to water and familiar with it. Whether from the perspective of eliminating pollution or making full use of resources, whether based at home or looking at the world, this research achievement is of great significance

no conclusion

everything in the world has one advantage and one disadvantage. This is the eternal truth! X-ray or preventive injection have corresponding risks, and we are also willing to use them; Any medicine has corresponding negative effects. In order to cure the disease, we are also happy to take it. Note: for the description of experimental species at low temperature, as long as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, we should affirm and use them. And quote; White bubble quot; The pros and cons are high. It can be said that it is rare in the materials found by human beings. It is too late for us to cherish them. We can casually use prohibited methods to deal with them. Regardless of the fact that cars cause countless heavy and heavy casualties and consume 46000 lives every year. In terms of its environmental pollution, I don't know how many times higher than "white bubble"? If you apply the reason of "banning white goods", why not also "ban cars" and stipulate that bicycles and trains should be used instead... In the same way, countless things should be banned, possibly including all scientific inventions in human history! In today's increasingly perfect and mature market economy, it is against the objective economic law, absurd and unscientific to decide the fate of a product that is urgently related to people's life through legislation or administrative means. The consequences are also extremely serious. I know my strength is too weak, my voice is too small, but I believe in the power of science! I believe everyone who has read this article will support and help the decision to lift the ban. Although this is difficult, I believe it will be achieved

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