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My view on the reform of packaging education

1 the current situation of packaging education

at present, the world-wide packaging higher education is still in the initial stage, and the economically developed countries such as Europe and the United States only began to enter packaging education in the 1950s. The development of China's packaging education is not unrelated to the guidance of the reform and opening-up policy. In 1984, the Ministry of education listed "packaging engineering" as a pilot program for undergraduate majors, and has carried out packaging higher education practice in 17 colleges and universities across the country; After two major adjustments of the specialty catalogue in 1992 and 1997, "packaging engineering" was officially listed as the National Undergraduate Specialty Catalogue of higher education. At the same time, the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council approved several colleges and universities to set up master's and doctoral programs in packaging engineering, initially forming a relatively complete education and training system of "learning, master's degree and doctoral degree" in packaging engineering, creating good conditions for the development of packaging higher education. [1] However, in just a few years, this education and training system was cancelled, resulting in the fact that postgraduates majoring in packaging engineering can only rely on others and other related disciplines, which has hit the enthusiasm of some colleges and universities to cultivate high-level packaging talents, made it difficult to solve the problem of cultivating high-level packaging talents, and caused the long-term technological backwardness and slow development of the packaging industry

2 the need for packaging education reform

2 1 necessity

2 1.1 it started late. Compared with foreign countries, packaging higher education in China started in the mid-1980s, while developed countries in Europe and the United States have developed quite rapidly since they started in the field of packaging education in the 1950s. For example, Michigan State University, which first implemented packaging education, started undergraduate education when it established the school of packaging engineering in 1952. In 1957, you had to adjust multiple parameters at one time to start packaging master's education, and packaging doctoral graduate education also began in 1994. [2] from this point of view, China's packaging higher education is far from that of the developed countries in the world. In order to keep up with the pace of the world's packaging higher education, we must speed up reform and promote development

2. 1.2 the foundation of packaging higher education is weak

the weak foundation of packaging higher education in China is mainly manifested in two aspects: first, the teaching staff of packaging higher education is weak. Many teachers in the existing undergraduate education of China's packaging higher education are adapted from their original majors. Teachers with academic qualifications are also trained by other majors, and some teachers are originally undergraduates graduated from their majors. This situation makes the current packaging higher education teachers either have low academic qualifications or graduate from non packaging majors. At the same time, due to the lack of exchange and cooperation with foreign packaging higher education institutions, there is almost no phenomenon of introducing higher talents in this major. Therefore, the problem of teachers in packaging higher education has not been solved. On the other hand, the training system of packaging higher education is backward. The infrastructure supporting packaging education in Chinese colleges and universities is not perfect, and there is a lack of corresponding laboratories and experimental equipment. Even if some colleges and universities have corresponding experimental facilities, students' experimental time is pitiful. At the same time, there are few connections between the school and the enterprises in the packaging industry in the society, and there is no base for the integration of production, learning and research, so it can not meet the requirements of students' field operation to cultivate practical ability. In this situation, the students trained in this situation, although they learn professional basic courses well and have solid theoretical knowledge, are only high scores and low abilities. In order to change the backward situation of packaging higher education in China, we must change the traditional training mode of packaging education and transform it to quality education

2. 2 urgency

under the premise of world economic integration and China's accession to the WTO, China's packaging higher education urgently needs to be reformed: first, the focus of manufacturing has shifted to China. How to make Chinese products go global and meet the higher requirements of consumers, the role of packaging is becoming more and more important, and the requirements for packaging industry and packaging education have also been raised accordingly; Second, with the increasing international exchanges, packaging has gradually moved to the world, and domestic packaging enterprises are facing stronger competitors. In fact, the competition between countries is the competition of talents, and the packaging industry is no exception. At present, the core problem that restricts the development of China's packaging industry is the extreme lack of advanced packaging talents. Therefore, to fundamentally solve these problems, we must speed up the pace of packaging higher education reform, cultivate packaging talents with competitive strength, and improve China's packaging competitiveness

3 the way of packaging education reform

first of all, we need to adopt the strategy of "bringing in", learn and introduce foreign packaging systems, and develop the comprehensive discipline of packaging engineering. Introduce foreign teaching methods that closely combine teaching and practice, let students put into practice, enhance practical ability and practical ability, and cultivate real "ability oriented, high-quality" packaging talents; Introduce foreign "production, learning and research" integrated teaching and research, and set up domestic "production, learning and research" teaching and research system. While introducing systems and reference methods, we also need to introduce talents. Introducing foreign high-quality packaging talents is the preferred method to solve talents in a short period of time. Use the imported high-level packaging talents to educate and train our packaging talents and enrich our packaging higher education system. In the long run, measures of "going out" 0.3 percentage points higher than the national average must be taken to improve the training and education system of packaging talents. There are also several ways to "go global": for example, send domestic teachers with development potential to study and further study in countries with developed packaging; Encourage excellent students to study abroad, train exchange students, and learn more perfect packaging knowledge and theory abroad; Regularly organize packaging delegations to go abroad for academic and educational exchanges and other activities

to promote the reform of packaging education system, first of all, the state should give strong support to higher education in packaging, change the current situation that packaging majors only have formal undergraduate education, and let packaging master's students attach themselves to other disciplines, which can greatly improve the strength and toughness of carbon fiber composites, so as to improve the enthusiasm of colleges and universities to cultivate packaging talents. When conditions are ripe, packaging doctoral education is allowed to be launched, and an integrated education of "learning, master's degree and doctoral degree" is gradually formed. Secondly, the state has increased investment in packaging education, adopted modern teaching methods, and strengthened the software construction of packaging majors; Introduce advanced experimental facilities, let students go into practice, improve their practical ability, and comprehensively promote the development of packaging higher education towards quality education. [3]

the necessary basic laboratories for the construction of the packaging practice education base, the specialized laboratories of packaging engineering, and the specialized laboratories related to packaging engineering are all open to students majoring in packaging at any time. In addition, the school specially arranges students to visit and practice in relevant enterprises and participate in various packaging exhibitions. From theory to practice, and then to theory, it forms a process of continuous improvement. In addition, students can also try to do projects related to packaging enterprises or packaging research institutions, and participate in development and research. In China, some schools have good measures, such as Zhongshan packaging College of Hunan University of technology, which is jointly organized by Hunan University of technology and Zhongshan Zhangjiabian packaging enterprise group. On the one hand, enterprises provide a practice base for schools, on the other hand, schools cultivate practical talents for enterprises, which is a win-win policy. China's packaging higher education should develop in this or higher direction, better integrate theory and practice, and cultivate more, more high-quality and high-capacity packaging talents for society and enterprises. [4]

promote packaging education to market

there are two specific forms of packaging higher education to market that can be used for reference:

1 Joint enterprises run schools, form complementary advantages, and take the path of "production, learning, and research". This can not only solve the technical problems of enterprises and improve the quality of employees, but also be conducive to students' practice and improve their practical ability. Not only has the enterprise achieved a targeted goal, but also the school has solved the problem of students' practice

2. Further strengthen exchanges between enterprises and schools, cultivate "order type" talents through school enterprise cooperation, and meet the needs of society for talents. In addition, we also need to have the concept of "lifelong education". Under the condition of knowledge economy, not only the development speed of economy is very fast, but also the update speed of knowledge is very fast. We must constantly update knowledge in order to gain a firm foothold in today's society. Therefore, for packaging education, graduates can implement the "return study system". As long as they or their work units need it, graduates can follow the class after returning to their alma mater, or specialize in one or two courses, which can be long or short, so as to truly learn in education and improve in learning. Return to work in enterprises after returning to study, which can further improve their business level and better adapt to social competition and development

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