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My view on the development of in mold label

for in mold label technology, industry experts have published many guiding articles, from which I also benefited a lot. Here, I would like to talk about my understanding of in mold label industry in the past five years

the Chinese market is very inclusive, and users need to choose appropriate packaging materials according to the product positioning. The scale of manufacturers of the same kind of products varies, but the same thing is that manufacturers pay great attention to the quality of packaging. In order to highlight the selling points of products, label base material manufacturers should produce label base materials suitable for various printing methods, especially for short offset printing. At the same time, the cost should not be higher than that of synthetic paper self-adhesive label materials

Beijing Honghe Weiye Technology Development Co., Ltd. is an in mold label base material manufacturer with independent research and development ability and production capacity. The in mold label base material produced is polyolefin material, and the adhesive layer behind it adopts a honeycomb shaped airway, which can better avoid the generation of bubbles. In addition, the non directionality of in mold label layout can more effectively improve the utilization of paper and reduce printing costs

because the in mold label is integrated with the bottle body, compared with the traditional label made of self-adhesive or other materials, the in mold label has the advantages of improving product anti-counterfeiting performance, saving labor costs, saving storage costs and so on

in mold labels have a wide range of applications. For example, due to the loose exit of lubrication, the strengthening of the US dollar, China's speed reduction and transformation, the prices of basic metals and precious metals are still difficult to be transferred to the oil, cosmetics, medicine, food, chemical industry, etc. in mold labels have been popular in some European and American countries for many years. In China, after recent years' development, it has gradually been recognized and accepted by the majority of users, and gradually began to be used on a small scale. The author believes that the in mold label overcomes the problem of label warping and label dropping of self-adhesive labels under the conditions of new materials such as special alloy materials in harsh environments such as cold, damp and heat, and can be called a major technological progress in the label industry

although in mold labels have many advantages, the following problems still exist in the process of domestic promotion and application

1. The price of in mold labels is high

after several years of adjustment, the price of in mold labels has moved from the high point to the normal profit level. However, the price is still higher than the current self-adhesive labels, so in a short period of time, it cannot be in line with the purchase price of end users. In addition, the competition among domestic printing enterprises is very fierce, and all printing plants are urgently looking for new economic growth points. Printing enterprises with sufficient active sources have a relatively high technical level. However, enterprises believe that the cost of printing in mold labels is relatively high. The required printing cost is often 2-3 times that of ordinary paper, which is unbearable. Finally, they have to transfer part of the cost pressure to users: printing enterprises with insufficient active sources have relatively poor printing technology and working environment, resulting in a relatively low yield of in mold labels. These factors also invisibly improve the final price of in mold labels

2. In mold label has brought new problems to bottle blowing enterprises

in mold label molding plays an important role in the label manufacturing process. Bottle blowing enterprises need to make the following adjustments to switch from producing non in mold labeled containers to in mold labeled containers

(1) bottle blowing enterprises need to add in mold labeling machines. (2) Bottle blowing enterprises need to slightly transform the original mold

(3) compared with the packaging containers made by non in mold labeling, the packaging containers with in mold labeling (2) Lenovo computer printer hardware warranty for 3 years, and the molding time of the packaging containers is a little longer, which will affect the production efficiency

when bottle blowing enterprises convert from non in mold labels to in mold labels, in addition to the above preparations, they should also pay attention to the selection of bottle resin and color masterbatch, molding temperature, mold temperature, pressure holding time, uniformity control of packaging container wall thickness and many other factors

if the bottle blowing enterprise produces according to the original technology and fails to communicate with the in mold label substrate supplier in time, the enterprise will bear huge losses in case of molding problems, which has a great negative impact on the promotion of in mold labels

3. end users have doubts about the anti-counterfeiting effect of in mold labels

the promotion and progress of in mold label technology has enabled more and more label printing plants to print in mold labels, among which there are some irregular label printing enterprises that print fake trademarks for private interests

the author believes that if the raw materials for the production of in mold labels can be exclusive to the customer's enterprise, then the fake and shoddy behavior can be eliminated in the channel. This is also a long-term plan for enterprises to safeguard their rights

4. Limitations of in mold labels

(1) in actual production, when there are process problems in printing self-adhesive labels, they can be reprinted: if they have been attached to the container, if they are not satisfied with the container or label style, the bottle body can be changed. The label can still be used. Or redesign the label to retain the bottle body

however, if the in mold label is selected and the printing or labeling process is not well grasped, it will cause double waste of bottle body and label

(2) if the blow molding process is selected to make the packaging container and the in mold label is adopted, the shape (curvature) of the container must be considered. If the curvature of the container is too large, such as a round bottle, it will make it difficult to exhaust the label in the mold; In addition, if the volume of the blow molded packaging container is too large, it is not suitable to use the label in the mold. OPS shrinkage label can be selected

the surface printability of in mold labels is a problem that puzzles printing enterprises, but many customers respond that fixtures are fragile parts. Printability includes the adaptability of printing machinery, the universality of ink selection, etc. Therefore, Beijing Honghe Weiye has developed a label base paper with higher performance

in order to solve the problem of difficult printing on the surface of polyolefin materials, hydrophilic groups with strong polarity are introduced into the surface of the film, and the durability of the new surface is enhanced due to the chemical bond between the graft chain and the matrix film. On this basis, the in mold label with special surface treatment has better water resistance, weather resistance and adhesion. This material will make the printing of in mold labels and synthetic paper self-adhesive labels as easy as printing on paper in the future, and can also alleviate the problem of high printing cost of small batch in mold labels to a certain extent

at the 2005 international label printing exhibition, Japan sun machinery and Kodak showed the label inkjet technology on the label printing and die-cutting machine jointly produced

when printing, the equipment can spray the QR code directly on the substrate surface of the in mold label. This technology rewrites the history that the in mold label can only be printed and hot stamping. The base paper supplier of this label is Beijing Honghe Weiye Technology Development Co., Ltd

the control of this technology over the "three flows" (logistics information flow and capital flow) in product sales goes beyond the traditional bar code. It has the characteristics of identification and description of product information. It can indicate information such as data files (including Hanyu files) and images. It enables large capacity and high reliability information to be stored and carried, which will accelerate the modernization process of logistics management and sales channel quality tracking

the most important performance of QR code label is accuracy and reliability. The bit error rate is less than parts per million, and it can carry several characters of information. It also has certain automatic error correction ability, easy to make, strong damage resistance, high Photocopying performance, strong fax performance, printability, and no special requirements for equipment and materials

in addition, in many injection molding products, label printing materials with high surface performance have significant advantages. For example, ordinary label materials are used in the protrusion of skid resistant parts of skateboard products exported from El, which will cause ink adhesion and ink dropping. The st type in mold label base paper produced by Beijing Honghe Weiye can solve this problem

for users who need anti-counterfeiting products, provide in mold label base paper produced by proprietary technology. The anti-counterfeiting effect will be more intuitive, without relying on professional identification equipment, inquiry and other methods. It will make it easier for consumers to use, identify and buy real brands

after years of technical reserves, Beijing Honghe Weiye Technology Development Co., Ltd. has also made many new achievements in the R & D and technical extension of in mold label base paper. For example, it has introduced synthetic paper label paper suitable for offset printing, embossing, gravure printing and flexographic printing; The environmental protection material that replaces PVC - 0ps (transversely stretched polystyrene shrink film) OPS has excellent transparency, printability and strong rigidity. It can be applied to the label of beverage bottles, which meets the requirements of the beverage bottle packaging market for the constant pursuit of refinement. OPS is specially used for bottle body labeling. The shrinkage rate of the bottle cap sealing label and the collective packaging of tubular objects is as high as 6O%. The higher shrinkage rate can make the label and the bottle body perfectly stick to the table, enhance the shelf display effect and attraction of the product, and solve the problem of large curvature of curved containers, which is not suitable for using in mold labels

with the progress of technology, the author believes that the cost problem that all label printing enterprises first consider is bound to be closer to the psychological price of user procurement due to the high cost performance of China's label base materials and the further maturity of large-scale production and technology of printing enterprises. On the existing basis, China's label industry will march towards the international label development level of high environmental protection, high level, high safety and high anti-counterfeiting

information source: Printing Technology

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