Trupavet of the United States is used in the pavem

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U.S. trupavetm polyester fiberglass cloth is used in the construction of Shanghai Nanjing Expressway. Trupavetm polyester fiberglass cloth can effectively prevent reflection cracks and rainwater infiltration, which account for about 30% of the current total production capacity. It has good adhesion with asphalt concrete, and has excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, strong integrity, high tensile strength, good durability and so on

based on this industry pain point pavement construction project, the Jinmin 3D R & D team of Jiangsu Huning Expressway expansion project undertaken by CCCC Second Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. with microcomputer control, LCD static display and motor 1 integration principle successfully applied this technology, effectively solved local pavement diseases such as reflection cracks, cracks and crazing of pavement base and surface, and effectively resisted and delayed the occurrence of asphalt concrete reflection cracks, Based on this project, the construction guidance of polyester fiberglass cloth for Shanghai Nanjing Expressway Expansion Project was prepared

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