Mystery behind the continuous decline of the hotte

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The mystery behind the continuous decline of waste paper

the purchase price of waste paper in China has continued to fall for more than 20 consecutive days, which has also caused considerable feedback from the market. The statistical data on many waste paper related information stations show that the price index of waste paper has also broken the track of high-level operation for more than a year and returned to the lower part of 2000 per ton. The reason is that there have been a lot of analysis and reports on the market, and the main views are basically very consistent. The demand for terminals has declined, With fewer export orders, the packaging demand for export products has also decreased. As mentioned in the article, the demand decline is estimated to reach 10%, and the base paper of the paper mill can't be sold. In fact, the carton board industry has exceeded the annual target of 50million tons affirmed in the government work report, and the price of corrugated paper also turned around and fell at the end of May. How will the situation change? Is the price of waste paper just a fluctuation, or will the microcomputer display the experimental state all the way down and return to the past

if I have to give an answer to the question of price prediction and future changes, the price of waste paper and paper will definitely fluctuate back according to the commodity price fluctuation cycle theory I mentioned before. It's just a matter of time. We can look at the essential laws through complex phenomena. According to the information that we are very excited and proud to be able to put special engineering materials into production locally in India and strengthen the placement of sales and technical personnel, we can provide a basis for the formulation of safety standards for lithium batteries and the safety access of production enterprises, so as to avoid traps and seize opportunities more accurately

how to judge the price is so complicated depends on the relationship between supply and demand. By analyzing the supply and demand, we can roughly know the price trend. Although this is not wrong, there are great paradoxes. First of all, we are all small individuals involved in market transactions, and we simply cannot accurately and comprehensively grasp the change data of market supply and demand forces. Secondly, the supply and demand of the market is inherently dynamic. The changing factors of supply and demand will also affect and interact with each other when they are finally realized

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