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My view on developing domestic functional components of CNC machine tools

CNC machine tools are the mainstream equipment used in modern machinery manufacturing industry, the strategic materials for national defense and security, and the indispensable and important means to develop high-tech industries. The production and consumption of CNC machine tools has become one of the important symbols to measure a country's manufacturing technology level and comprehensive national strength

current situation and problems

in recent years, especially after China's accession to the WTO, with the transfer of world manufacturing to China, China's demand for machine tools has increased significantly, and the production and consumption of domestic CNC metal cutting machine tools have increased significantly (Table 1). For example, in the three years from 2001 to 2004, the output increased by 196% and the consumption increased by 138.8%

undoubtedly, this not only shows the rapid improvement of China's machinery manufacturing technology and capacity, but also shows that China's machine tool manufacturing industry has made great progress and development

however, we are not satisfied and optimistic. Because as long as we make further analysis and understanding, we will find that although domestic CNC machine tools account for more than half (55%) of the consumption, they are mostly ordinary products with relatively low technical level and relatively low price, such as CNC lathes, CNC milling and boring machines and wire cutting machine tools. There are few high-end and medium-end products, and the core technology or functional components of these products, such as full-function CNC servo systems, High speed motorized spindles, linear rolling navigation, CNC tool holders, tool magazine manipulators and even high-speed safety protection devices are also mostly provided by Sino foreign joint ventures or imported from abroad. Therefore, we account for less than 30% of the consumption of CNC machine tools. Although the imported CNC machine tools account for only about 45% of the consumption, they are mostly high-end and expensive products required by China's automobile, aerospace industry, mold industry and the development of high-tech industries, such as high-speed machining centers with spindle revolutions of more than 10000 rpm to tens of thousands of RPM, multi axis control, 4-5 axis linkage CNC machine tools and high-precision Efficient compound processing machine tools and various special processing and special processing CNC machine tools account for slightly more than 70% of the amount of consumption

Table 1 the production, import, export and consumption of CNC metal cutting machine tools in China in recent years

the current development of CNC machine tools in China - high-end products: there are few production, and almost all of them are equipped with overseas functional parts. Some are made in China by foreign brands. GPD value is yours, and the profits are divided a lot; Mid range products, especially those with mid-range and upper level products: Chinese brands, foreign functional components and core technologies, you make a small head, he makes a big head. This is not commensurate with our intention and goal of "not only being a world manufacturing power, but also a world manufacturing power", and the gap is large, which is worth pondering! This is the problem

main cause and task

why does this happen? There may be many subjective and objective reasons, but the development of functional components of CNC machine tools in China is backward - there are few varieties, the level of unit technology is low, the performance and quality are not stable enough, the cost remains high, the delivery is not timely, etc. - it can not meet the needs of the development of CNC machine host products, and it can not be said that it is the most direct and main reason, Because all CNC machine tools are assembled by various functional components (including spindle head, linear rolling guide rail, ball screw pair, CNC tool holder, tool magazine manipulator, rotary table, CNC servo system, measurement feedback and safety protection devices) on the basic frame of bed, column and so on. Functional components are an important part of CNC machine tools, and they are an indispensable part. The main task of the current CNC machine tool factory is to produce and manufacture the basic frame parts such as bed and column according to the product design requirements, and integrate the required functional parts with them into a complete CNC machine tool product. Without functional parts, there would be no current CNC machine tools

the performance, quality and variety of functional components directly affect the development of the performance, quality and variety of CNC machine tools. For example, without high-performance and high-grade full-function CNC and servo systems, there can be no high-precision, efficient and reliable multi axis CNC machine tools, and there can be no high-speed machining centers without high-speed motorized spindles and linear motors or high-speed ball screw pairs with more than 10000 revolutions per minute; There is no CNC milling machine with five axis linkage and five face processing without CNC vertical and horizontal conversion, spindle head with b-axis and c-axis functions, or workbench with CNC rotation and tilting functions; Without a tool magazine and an automatic tool changing manipulator, there can be no machining center with centralized processes; Without the CNC tool holder with Y-axis and b-axis control function, it is impossible to have the emergence of compound machining machines for various rotating parts, etc. If we review the history, we will find that many developments and improvements of CNC machine tools are inseparable from the improvement, improvement, development and innovation of functional components. Even in a sense, the development and innovation history of CNC machine tools is mainly the development and innovation history of functional components

in addition, functional components are also important factors to improve the cost performance and added value of CNC machine tools. Because functional components are high-tech products, they have high added value; In addition, the cost of functional components accounts for a large proportion of the total cost of a CNC machine tool, which generally accounts for more than 60% according to the different functional configurations of the machine tool. Therefore, adopting advanced functional components (such as those with improved performance and reduced manufacturing cost) can not only improve the performance/price ratio of CNC machine tools, but also improve the added value of CNC machine tools and increase the economic benefits of enterprises. Finally, improve the market competitiveness of products

therefore, in order to better develop China's CNC machine tool industry and achieve the goals of "becoming bigger and stronger", our current task should mainly focus on the production and development of functional components of CNC machine tools

strategies and measures

since functional components are an indispensable and important part of CNC machine tools, and at the same time, they are also high-tech products, the production and development of functional components should first be treated as the production and development of CNC machine host

secondly, the development of CNC machine tool functional parts industry, like the development of other high-tech industries, requires technology, capital, and market support. According to the current basic situation of functional components of CNC machine tools in China: there are few varieties and the unit technology level is low, but some products have a certain market share; They want to develop new varieties and improve product quality, but they lack advanced technology and sufficient financial support. Therefore, the strategic measures we should take are:

1) first of all, we should grasp the functional components that have been mastered or preliminarily mastered for medium and low-grade CNC hosts, especially the quality of products that have a certain market and users, such as universal and multifunctional CNC servo systems, high-precision ball screw pairs. Ten thousand turn/graded motorized spindle, CNC tool rest with power head, CNC tilting circular turntable, chain tool magazine and manipulator, etc. Therefore, relevant enterprises need to improve the product quality assurance system and strive to pass the ISO 9000 quality certification, so as to systematically ensure the stability and reliability of product quality, improve users' trust in product quality, and consolidate and expand the existing market share

2) introduce foreign advanced unit technology, such as high-speed motorized spindles with an acceleration of more than 10000 rpm, linear motors with an acceleration of 2G, high-speed linear rolling guide rails and electric ball screw pairs. The unit design and manufacturing technology of high torque servo motor for direct drive, fast tool change device with tool change time less than 1 second, etc. Through the digestion and absorption of the introduced technology, we can master the advanced unit technology of the relevant foreign functional components at present, and lay the foundation and prepare for the self-development of domestic brand functional components with independent intellectual property rights

3) Sino foreign joint ventures should not only engage in production, but also strive to engage in development and research. This can not only solve or partially solve the problem of insufficient funds for the development of our enterprises at present, but also improve the ability of our enterprises to develop their own products and expand the market by learning from foreign advanced enterprise management and market development experience, so as to "expand" and "strengthen" the industry and accumulate valuable experience for going global

4) through the reform and reorganization of industries and enterprises, organize specialized and industrialized production, improve production concentration, and achieve economies of scale. At the same time, it forms an alliance with the upstream (Supplier) and downstream (CNC machine tool host manufacturer) enterprises of the products, so as to timely understand each other's technical requirements and development intentions, jointly study and solve the existing problems (including technology and supply plan), so as to meet each other's production and development needs, so as to achieve the win-win goal of common development and market share

5) improve the ability of product technical services. We should not only serve the supporting OEMs, but also actively introduce the performance, characteristics and use requirements of the products to the OEMs, so as to ensure the reasonable selection of the OEMs; It is also necessary to provide on-site services for the end users of the products, so as to ensure that the problems of the products in on-site use can be solved in a timely manner, so that users can minimize the loss of downtime, so as to eliminate users' worries, purchase and adopt with confidence, so as to stabilize the original user group and consolidate their market position

the above strategic measures have been understood and accepted by more and more people, and have achieved obvious results in practice. Thus, it has become the consensus of the current industry. However, we should also clearly see that the introduction of technology and Sino foreign joint ventures and development in these strategic measures can only enable us to obtain the relatively advanced second and third class product technology at that time, and it is impossible to obtain the world's most advanced first-class technology, nor can we naturally obtain useful innovative theories, methods and tools for developing advanced technology products; Other measures can only help us maintain or slightly expand our existing market share, but cannot help us carry out product R & D and innovation. In other words, these strategic measures alone are not enough. They can only help us "grow bigger" but not "grow stronger", because we do not have a long-term reliable source of product technology as the F120 engine of General Electric Company. Therefore, in order to make the functional component industry "bigger" and "stronger", the most critical link is to focus on product development and innovation with independent intellectual property rights

R & D and innovation of functional components

R & D and innovation, R & D refers to the establishment of a leading enterprise library, which is to carry out scientific experimental research, develop and design new products, and innovation refers to "the first application of something or method to make invention and creation practical and commercial." Therefore, R & D is the foundation of product development, and innovation is the soul and key of product development. Innovation is not only the most important symbol of product progress, but also the most powerful means for products to seize the market first

due to the progress of science and technology, the development of society, the intensification of international market competition, and the unpredictable political situation in the world, strengthening and accelerating the R & D and innovation of China's CNC machine tool functional components is not only the need of the development of the machine tool industry, the need of market competition, but also

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