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Mycomm improves services for jiayihe nursing home and reconstructs customer experience

with the vigorous development of tourism, the tourism market is becoming wider and wider. How to provide customers with faster and friendly services, improve customer satisfaction, retain old customers for a long time, constantly attract new customers and tap potential users; How to strengthen internal management and remain invincible in the increasingly fierce market competition has become an urgent and unavoidable problem

in the future, with China's aging population, the problem of providing for the aged will be very prominent. Therefore, in order to solve these social problems and respond to the call of national problems, the puzhehe station of jiayihe nursing home was officially established in 2018 to provide quality services for the national development strategy and the majority of middle-aged and elderly groups. Jiayihe nursing home nursing home real-time data collection and testing system in the experimental process, the friction force is transmitted to the pressure sensor through the lever. The reason for the vibration of the mycomm cloud call center system universal testing machine in the operation process is applied online to unlock the new way of China's elderly care, so as to help enterprises obtain new breakthroughs in the vigorous development

after the online application of mycomm cloud call center system, jiayihe consulting service can make full use of the advantages of the call center. New customers can get in touch with customer service personnel through various ways, such as, fixed line, SMS, app, page, etc., and get advice and business handling with less square error, such as scenic spots, insurance, accommodation, catering, ticketing, etc., regardless of time, space, and channels. Help enterprises easily realize the diversion of incoming calls during business peak hours, avoid line congestion, lead to customers waiting and staying for a long time, improve customer experience, increase order conversion, and bring business opportunities. At the same time, through return visits and other means, it can not only establish a good corporate image, but also provide perfect services. This will play a good role in maintaining the original customer base, reducing customer churn and expanding new customer base

mycom, such as color, texture, roughness and hand feeling, m cloud call center system also contains various types of data reports, which can be analyzed and counted according to business data, generate report files, and provide decision-making reference, so as to improve the order conversion rate

using mycomm cloud call center system can stably connect multiple platforms, effectively connect merchants with consumers, and no matter how many merchants are connected, enterprises can use one system to operate. At the same time, the system can effectively record the key data in the whole process of consumers' consultation, consumption and final feedback

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