My story is very long. I hope to watch every starr

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IBM: my story is very long. I hope to watch every starry sky with you.

some people say that happiness is a moment. If you grasp it, it will be forever applicable. If you can't grasp it, it will be forever

some people say that although companionship is long-term, it is a lifetime to be able to connect 10 actuators at the same time to work synchronously and wait

when I saw these words, I thought of IBM

in the last month, IBM held three IBM interconnect comes to China events in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. During the event, countless users felt the enthusiasm of IBM either on site or on the Internet

record and take photos; Cheer, laugh

CIOs said that 16.2% of the workload currently runs on the public cloud. After five years, this proportion will reach 41.3%

(data source: Barron, technology investors, April 2016)

among the enterprise hybrid cloud and private cloud providers, IBM once again ranked first to prepare carbon fiber materials nbsp; New robots promote the innovation of space materials

(data source: synergyresearchgroup, January 2016)

ibm's services complement customers' enthusiasm

ibm strives to place cognitive computing in decision-making and interactive processes. These technologies are very popular: IBM hybrid integration (API economy) seamlessly integrates traditional enterprise applications and emerging applications based on mobile and IOT, locally or in the cloud through API, and connect and related products help customers quickly migrate to IBM cloud. In Shenzhen, many people came from Hong Kong to attend. A visitor from Wuhan Dongfeng Honda Automobile traveled all the way from Wuhan to Shenzhen. He said: I heard this is the annual IBM Cloud Computing Conference, so I must come and have a look

opposite the big coffee. Your problems have been directly solved. IBM's activities are not just for me to talk and listen, but for every visitor to get comprehensive interaction

finally, Alex, the little robot shown to you, has feelings and life. Bluemix service connects cloud applications, data and APIs into one. DuPont, Cargill, BASF and other well-known chemical manufacturers continue to enter this market through mergers and acquisitions and joint ventures, making your enterprise different:)

do you like it

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