My opinion on the teaching method of heat transfer

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My opinions on the teaching methods of heat transfer (II)

3 adjustment of examination methods

the detection method of the teaching effect of heat transfer is mainly to pass the examination. In addition to the examination results after the course, the author believes that students' performance in the learning process should be combined, which helps to improve students' learning and adjust their distance interest, and interest is the best teacher

3.1 improve the proportion of usual grades

in several years of teaching, the author gradually excluded from the following three aspects, made some adjustments to the original examination method, reduced the proportion of examination paper and score in the final score, made some adjustments, reduced the proportion of examination paper and score in the final score, reduced the proportion of examination paper and score from 70% to 50%, and the rest 50% is composed of usual grades

the improvement of the usual score proportion requires an appropriate scoring standard. The author combines the performance in the process of problem-based network teaching, the explanation of exercises in class, the performance in classroom teaching, the completion of homework and the completion of experiments, and so on, and clearly refines each item. For example, 5 points will be added to the usual score of making a report on behalf of the group, 5 points will be added to the usual score of explaining exercises, 2 points will be added to the usual score of answering questions, and so on. Through these ways, students are encouraged to actively express themselves and really spend more time learning heat transfer. At the same time, this assessment method also gives students the opportunity to exercise, so that they can show themselves on the platform, and make some preparations for self promotion when looking for a job in the future

3.2 open book examination

in addition, some adjustments have been made to the examination. Most schools have closed books in the examination of heat transfer, which requires students to memorize a large number of formulas or master more derivation, which is also difficult for higher vocational students. In order to solve this problem, students are allowed to bring a piece of white paper filled with formulas into the examination room during the examination, so that students can spend more time on the knowledge points themselves and better understand what they have learned

3.3 set up the test system

in order to let the students know how much they master the knowledge, a test system is also set up in the teaching station. The test questions in the test question bank of the test system cover all the teaching knowledge points. After students log in to the test system, the system randomly generates test questions. Students can choose to test in chapters or in the whole book. 6. After the sample is broken and the answer is completed, the system will give scores to judge the students' mastery of relevant knowledge points, so as to promote students to review the relevant knowledge points that are not in place

4 conclusion

the author uses the method summarized by himself to carry out Ya teaching practice for several students. The practice shows that through the adjustment of teaching content, teaching methods and examination methods, the teaching of heat transfer has achieved a relatively good teaching display, clear and eye-catching effect, students' interest in the course of heat transfer has been improved, and their academic performance has been improved. In addition, through the adjustment of teaching means, students also learn to use this new mode of network to carry out self-study in the course of heat transfer. Students have also been greatly trained by explaining their summarized knowledge points on the platform

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