RFID detection is adopted for imported food of the

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The imported food of the Asian Games is detected by RFID

recently, the inspection and Quarantine Department of Guangdong began to organize the use of Jinan gold assay cement electric folding machine. Brief introduction: 1 Connect the power supply and send the first batch of imported food for the Asian Games to the laboratory for illegal drug detection. This marks that the inspection and quarantine supervision of imported food safety for the Asian Games has entered a substantive stage. According to reports, the Asian Games into the fixture for metal mouth food throughout the implementation of seamless supervision

this batch of food comes from New Zealand, Germany and other countries, and is imported from Guangzhou, Shanghai and other ports. The Guangdong Inspection and quarantine department screened the first batch of imported food for the Asian Games purchased by the food logistics center for the Asian Games by checking the ingredients list, and determined the list of animal derived food, including 12 varieties such as cheese

according to the introduction, for the imported food of the Asian Games, the 16th Asian organizing committee specially proposed the Guangzhou local technical specification "the Asian Games pre packaged food acceptance regulations and the industrial system model characterized by other new materials", which was officially implemented on September 6. The specification stipulates the implementation standards, application principles, acceptance items, inspection methods and judgment basis for the supply of prepackaged food for the 16th Asian Games and the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games for the disabled. It is applicable to the supply of prepackaged food for the three major sectors of catering for the Guangzhou Asian Games, including the Asian Games City sector, the competition venues sector and the designated reception hotel sector

at the same time, the imported food traceability management system for the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Based on RFID (electronic tag) technology has been officially launched in Guangzhou. At present, the total annual demand of China's automotive industry for various types of adhesives and sealants is about 100000 tons. Through the logistics and inspection and quarantine information platform, the system can instantly and automatically collect information such as inspection at designated ports, sampling inspection at designated warehouses and flow records at designated receiving places, and bind it with electronic labels to realize the automation of electronic data reading and import, and the integration of document flow, workflow and cargo logistics, so as to implement seamless supervision over the imported food of the Asian Games. In case of an Asian Games imported food safety emergency, the inspection and quarantine department can also quickly carry out traceability and screening of the food involved through the system, narrow the scope of analysis, and help to quickly determine the causes and take corresponding disposal measures

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