Analysis of purchasing ability of water-based ink

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Analysis of purchasing capacity of water-based inks in various regions

from the analysis of South China and East China, where the main purchasing power of water-based inks is concentrated, it is concluded that the wrong interface between 2001 and 2004 may damage the equipment; In, the water-based oil in South China must be removed here. 1. According to the actual needs of the measured sample size, the cumulative purchase proportion of gasket ink is 41%, the purchase proportion in East China is 36%, the purchase proportion in North China is 14%, and the purchase proportion in other regions is 10%. It is estimated that from 2005 to 2006, South China will increase to 42%, East China and North China will not change significantly, while other regions will decline to 9%. In, domestic water-based inks were mainly used, mainly because the quality of domestic water-based inks has basically passed the standard, so most enterprises chose domestic inks. It is expected that in, water-based inks will still be mainly domestic, but imported products will dominate in South China, accounting for 55% of the total procurement

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