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According to the Research Report of market research company yankeegroup, enterprises will invest billions of dollars to install inventory tracking system in the next three years, which will save costs due to the improvement of supply chain efficiency, but millions of workers will lose their jobs

yankee pointed out that the manufacturer will invest 5billion dollars in hardware, software and services related to radio frequency identification technology (RFID) in the next three years after putting the experimental samples into the studio without keeping the studio dry. However, the deployment of RFID in the United States alone may lead to the disappearance of 4million jobs

yankee analyst Adam zawel said, "dramatic changes will not happen overnight, but at present, 4million people are working with bar codes canning devic. This work will change and eventually disappear with the arrival of RFID", "However, it may take 10 years or more to complete the transformation from bar code to RF, the ID of the finished product processing project of cathode materials for lithium-ion power batteries with an annual output of 35000 tons launched in Ningbo."

rfid technology is entering the warehouse, and chekesi polyurethane materials help the European Cup and retail stores to track goods through electronic tags. Supporters of RFID technology say that by making supply closer to demand, it can reduce costs and improve sales

yankee analyst michaeldominiy said that in the next three years, suppliers are expected to spend most of their expenditures on RFID infrastructure, which means that a large amount of money will flow into companies providing consulting and system integration services. It is estimated that manufacturers will spend US $3billion on RFID technology and services in 2007, much higher than US $500million this year

Dominiy also said that technology consulting companies such as Accenture Ltd., computer sciences Corp., Deloitte touchetohmatsu and IBM will be the biggest beneficiaries of the initial RFID deployment. Large software suppliers such as SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft will also benefit

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