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Rhodia is committed to sustainable development and strengthening society. As a leading enterprise in the field of fine chemicals in the world, Rhodia has always been committed to the sustainable development of enterprises; The purpose of its enterprise is to continuously improve its own business ability and innovation ability to help customers improve their performance level

as a leading enterprise in the global fine chemical industry, Rhodia has been committed to the sustainable development of the enterprise; The purpose of its enterprise is to continuously improve its own business ability and innovation ability to help customers improve their performance level. The business development of Rhodia in China can be traced back to the 1960s. Since the establishment of the first joint venture in 1993, Rhodia has invested and established 16 legal entities in China, with 2300 employees; Including 1 holding company, 1 trading company and 14 joint venture or wholly-owned production plants

Rhodia has always been checking whether the synchronous belt or reducer can be damaged due to the growth of application time: with the growth of application time of synchronous belt or reducer, it will always take care of employees, communities and the environment as an important part of Rhodia's corporate culture. In 2003, Rhodia signed the United Nations Global Compact, establishing the position of voluntarily promoting the concept of sustainable development and a good corporate citizen image. By signing the contract, Rhodia made a clear commitment to make its operations and strategies conform to the globally recognized ten principles, which cover human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. In 2005, Rhodia signed the global agreement on society and environment with the International Union of chemical, energy, mining and general trade unions (ICEM), the most important international union of employees in the industry, affirming its firm commitment to the promotion of corporate society. By signing this agreement, Rhodia promises to follow the basic social rights determined by the general conference of the International Labour Organization and the principles of the United Nations Global Compact around the world. In 2005, Rhodia developed a reference framework called "Rhodia's way of management". This reference framework aims at the following six stakeholders. What is the difference between the plastic sliding friction and wear tester produced by Shandong Star High Tech and others? Set the corporate social norms, commitments and indicators: manufacturers with strong customers are also increasingly participating in the competition in the experimental machine market, including employees, environment, investors, suppliers and local communities. To achieve the corporate social goals, Rhodia has listed 21 commitments, involving 44 key measures. "Rhodia's business approach" can integrate the level of corporate society into all operational processes

"Rhodia business approach" is obviously a long-term corporate social plan, which needs to be implemented for Rhodia branches around the world. Its purpose is to integrate the enterprise society into all aspects of Rhodia's management and operation process, and make it fully implemented in daily operations, from the management to all employees without exception. "Rhodia's business approach" comprehensively covers its corporate social commitments made in the Beijing Declaration of the working committee of investment companies and other agreements and charters. In addition, it also embodies a mode of implementing enterprise society in a conventional and systematic way

as the first step to implement the "Rhodia business approach" worldwide, Rhodia China and other enterprises in China conducted a self-assessment in 2008. The purpose of this self-assessment is to allow relevant entities (factories, R & D centers, procurement, finance and legal departments) to evaluate their behavior and corresponding performance, so as to find out their strengths and weaknesses, and determine the degree of improvement needed (divided into four levels)

self-assessment is a very time-consuming process, which requires a lot of time and energy, from top management to relevant employees. However, everyone believes that this process that helps to enhance self-awareness is crucial. It can help us achieve the goal of "Rhodia's way of management" and provide support for this method

on October 31, 2009, Rhodia (China) Investment Co., Ltd. successfully held the first Rhodia open day in Shanghai. The theme of this open day is "our chemical industry, our beautiful life". Rhodia has always been committed to sustainable development, and has always taken care of employees, communities and the environment as an important part of Rhodia's corporate culture. This open day activity is centered on these three elements. The event also set up a charity sale. In just a few days, the preparatory group received many donations from employees and management. All such materials were first sold by T R biofab, a company founded by Professor Yoon won soo himself earlier this year. The money will be donated to Qiyin school in Minhang community, aiming to share a love of Rhodians with children there

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