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Draft international standard for steel drums (4)

note: 1) if the cover is equipped with a closer, the height of the closer is not higher than the closing hoop

2) if a closer is installed, the position of the closer with G2 thread is shown in iso:1994, and the centerline should be as vertical as possible

3) the distance from the center of the barrel in use to the center is:

type a barrel = 444mm ± 6mm or 451mm ± 1mm

type C barrel = 400mm ± 6mm

5. Material

CR1 (commodity quality) steel plate and cold-rolled steel plate shall be used for making barrel body and barrel cover. According to iso3574 (1986) standard, or use MR1 (commodity quality) steel plate hot-rolled steel plate, according to iso3573 (1986) standard. Higher strength steel plates are allowed. The flange of the closer shall be made of metal, and the barrel plug shall be made of metal or plastic

6. Structure

a. the barrel body and barrel top shall be of steel structure with sufficient thickness to suit the corresponding purpose

b. Refil on the barrel body also won the best material development award for 3D printing at the 2015 3D printing European exhibition held in Berlin. The long joint should be welded

c. the barrel body and barrel bottom must be permanently fixed together with circular or triple crimping, and non hardening sealing materials or other connection methods (such as welding) should be used

d. the positions of the two rolling hoops bulging out of the barrel are shown in Figure 1. It is also allowed that the structure of the rolling hoop is different from that in the figure, including the third rolling hoop (ring reinforcement) or replacing the ring reinforcement with small ripples

e. in addition to the hoop (hoop), the ripple on the barrel can also improve the strength of the barrel. If it is necessary to install the sealer, the position of the sealer should be installed on the axial rotation and side twists of the top cover

f. The closer should be located on the top end, which is completely opposite to the position shown in Figure 1

g. The thread of the closer shall comply with iso:1994, thread g3/4 and G2. Small metals and new materials conform to the transformation and upgrading

h. unless otherwise agreed between the user and the manufacturer, the specification of the closer should be based on the standard of ISO "barrel closer 1996"

i. unless the sealer has the inherent anti leakage function, the sealer must be equipped with gaskets, gaskets or other sealing elements

J. metal or plastic barrel plugs must be equipped with corresponding materials, such as synthetic rubber, polyethylene gaskets and gaskets

7. Surface coating

a. the nature of the internal and external surface coating of the barrel should be agreed between the user and the manufacturer

b. if the materials used in the barrel body, barrel top and other accessories are not suitable for the transported goods, the appropriate inner surface protective coating can be selected or the interior can be treated accordingly. These coatings or treatments must maintain protective properties under normal cargo transportation conditions

8. Identification

a removable top full opening steel barrel produced in accordance with this standard shall be identified as follows: manufacturer, capacity, (total capacity) but when the shrinkage is certain, type. For example: oh-210-tc-a


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