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Under the stimulation of low-carbon economy, Siemens is crazy about environmental protection orders in China. It plans to set up another independent company in July next year. Editor's note: under the stimulation of low-carbon economy, Siemens is crazy about environmental protection orders in China. In addition, Luo Xude, President and CEO of Siemens AG, said that Siemens plans to do a change experiment next year. Before July, it solutions and service businesses will be stripped off and another independent company will be established. The relevant plans are still under study

stimulated by the low-carbon economy, Siemens is aggressively taking orders from China for environmental protection. On December 8, Siemens publicly stated that Siemens China had signed a number of cooperation agreements and a series of major orders with its Chinese partners in the past two days, with a total value of about 2billion yuan, most of which belonged to Siemens' business portfolio related to environmental protection

"on the occasion of the Copenhagen global climate summit, this achievement is enough to show that the environmental protection technology market has the strongest growth in emerging market countries such as China." Luo Xude, President and CEO of Siemens AG, said in Beijing that he was very satisfied with the development of Siemens in the Chinese market in the past two years, and China announced that "by 2020, the carbon dioxide emission per unit of GDP will be reduced by 40. The latest trend of automobile research and development: Solvay has set three goals: materials%~45%". The emission reduction goal made him see a bright prospect of cooperation with the Chinese market

"with our business portfolio that can meet the needs of China's economic stimulus plan, we will further expand Siemens' business in China. We are gradually using conventional technology to manufacture adhesives, usually electrical insulation, which reflects the goal of obtaining 20billion yuan of new orders from China's economic stimulus plan by 2012." Said Hao Ruiqiang, CEO of Siemens Northeast Asia and President and CEO of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd

lured by the huge market prospect, Luo Xude said that Siemens will invest more in sustainable development

following the commitment made at the beginning of the year to invest an additional 1.35 billion yuan in the field of environmental protection business, Siemens announced on December 7 that it would invest more than 500 million yuan for its operating companies Siemens mechanical transmission (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. and wina wind drive (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. in the next three to five years, some of which will be used to expand the capacity of wind power equipment to meet the rapidly growing demand of China's wind energy market

"China's big cities have a particularly strong demand for sustainable development technologies and emission reduction solutions. China's grand plan to improve urban transportation infrastructure has brought many orders to Siemens transportation group." Hao Ruiqiang also said that sustainable development also needs to build a reliable social security network and improve medical infrastructure, especially in rural areas of China

Luo Xude also said that Siemens plans to divest its IT solutions and services business and establish another independent company by next July, and the relevant solutions are still under study

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