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Thailand plans to spend 1billion baht to boost the development of the mold industry

Thailand's "world Zhang Jiangfeng pointed out" on May 13, Thailand's Deputy Minister of industry BAMO said that the Ministry of industry is preparing to formulate the annual domestic development capacity plan for the mold industry, with a budget of 1billion baht, of which 125 million baht is used to improve the ability of professional mold talents

because the weakness of the domestic mold industry at present is the lack of senior technicians, the Ministry of industry will cooperate with German talent training institutions to help train senior technicians above

at present, the technology of domestic mold industry must still be introduced from abroad. Due to the rapid industrial growth, the level of mold industry can no longer meet the market demand at least. According to the data in 2004, Thailand imported mold and machine tools from abroad with a total value of 25billion baht, with an annual growth of%. However, since the Ministry of industry promoted the mold industry capacity plan to cast aluminum alloy products for the automotive industry and industrial production equipment in daily life, the total import value decreased, leaving a total import value of 21billion baht in 2009. If the mechanical experimental machine is composed of measuring system, driving system The Ministry of control system and computer (computer system tensile testing machine) has not implemented the industry development plan, and it is believed that the import volume may exceed 35billion baht

willo, chairman of the Thai Mold Industry Association, said that due to the continuous growth of domestic industry, there are six automobile enterprises that want to invest in small energy-saving vehicles recently. I believe they all need mold production parts. As for the export of export molds, they have been exported to Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan and other countries. Most Japanese enterprises import molds from Thailand to produce household appliances and sanitary ware. It can be seen that Thailand's mold industry still has development prospects

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