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At the VIV animal husbandry exhibition in Thailand, the "good E-line" of artificial intelligence breeding has opened a new milestone in the international frontier

intelligent breeding has always been a new topic of concern in the past two years. Compared with other industries, animal husbandry in China is a relatively weak field, with slow development and poor infrastructure. With the opening of the second half of the interconnection, industrial interconnection has gradually come into the public view, and many interconnected enterprises such as Alibaba, and Yi have also joined the ranks of intelligent breeding, Although the topic of intelligent breeding has been hotly debated, there are very few products that have really been implemented, among which there are many products of cross-border artificial intelligence in traditional animal husbandry that stand out, and E-line is one of the representative products

the R & D team of Haohao E-line products is very good in agriculture and animal husbandry. In 2015, it realized the lack of veterinary talents, and switched from intelligent pig disease diagnosis to intelligent breeding program construction. It took two years to develop a globalized Chinese English bilingual Haohao E-line app, which covers two core intelligent functions of [intelligent diagnosis] and [robot veterinary], integrates domestic and foreign resource advantages, and polished a set of [intelligent breeding comprehensive solution] specifically for animal husbandry, Using the application of high and new technologies such as IOT, big data and artificial intelligence, we can solve a series of problems, such as pig farm construction, pig herd health management, breeding scheme, data collection and analysis, dosing traceability, environmental and biosafety management, and management training of breeding personnel

from March 13 to 15, 2019, Haohao e line was unveiled at the 2019 Asia (Thailand) International intensive animal husbandry Exhibition (referred to as VIV), which was highly concerned by exhibitors from Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Vietnam and many other countries, and gave high praise to the application of AI technology and [intelligent breeding comprehensive solution] of Haohao e line

many companies in South Korea and Japan reached preliminary cooperation intentions with Haohao agriculture and animal husbandry at the VIV meeting to discuss in depth the future agricultural integrated intelligent breeding project plan of the China Japan South Korea alliance, and jointly create the agricultural development model most suitable for the Asian region; A British company complements the advantages of agriculture and animal husbandry in the business of pigs and birds, and will jointly improve the intelligent breeding solutions of pigs and birds; A company from the Philippines has reached a cooperation with Haohao agriculture and animal husbandry to promote and use Haohao E-line app in the Philippines

in addition, enterprises from Vietnam, Iran, Taiwan and other countries and regions have proposed to use IOT and AI to solve their customization needs of intelligent management

viv shows the three highlights of great E-line products that attract the most attention:

Great E-line [robot veterinary] section

users can interact with [robot veterinary] 24 hours a day, and support dialogue in both text and voice. The [robot veterinary] can humorously answer users in an anthropomorphic way. Users can consult the robot veterinary about pig diseases, treatment suggestions, pig health management, weather Many problems, such as the epidemic of African swine fever, have greatly facilitated the breeding work of farmers when African swine fever is still unstable. Professional breeding guidance can be obtained by using all kinds of recyclable materials (including other new materials) to create at the same time without leaving home

very good E-line [intelligent diagnosis] section

users can install and use the very good E-line app, which can complete the diagnosis of swine disease with one. In the "smart diagnosis" section, AI and AR technology are used. After a large number of verification and testing by veterinarians, the accuracy of the "smart e" line in the diagnosis of swine diseases has reached more than 99%

[intelligent breeding integrated solution]

[intelligent breeding integrated solution] a complete one-stop intelligent solution that includes the function of good e-line, provides pig farms with the design and construction of pig farms, and the health of pig farms. The carbon footprint of new packaging is 17% lower than that of standard packaging. Breeding management, growth data collection and analysis, universal experimental machine first rely on external forces to promote the precise feeding of jaws A series of solutions such as drug dosing traceability and management training of breeding personnel

the intelligent transformation of the whole pig farm in the comprehensive intelligent breeding solution of Haohao agriculture and animal husbandry includes: environmental control system, biosafety system, intelligent equipment system, intelligent diagnosis system (Haohao e line), feeding early warning system, environmental early warning system, production early warning system, data analysis system, etc. The IOT and artificial intelligence are applied to the field of animal husbandry, Using the big data of internal and external breeding system to analyze the existing pain points and needs of animal husbandry, and make breeding more intelligent, simplified, standardized and standardized

in foreign countries, a considerable number of countries have begun to apply mature intelligent equipment and solutions, which is a good reference for China's animal husbandry. It is good that agriculture and animal husbandry use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology for self-development. At the same time, they have also introduced mature equipment systems from many countries, together with the French Pig Breeding Research Institute, the French aishefa intelligent equipment enterprise, the German melway enterprise MERWAY laboratories in Ireland and others have established strategic partnerships to work together for the development of global intelligent animal husbandry, reduce the input costs of farmers and improve the production capacity of the entire animal husbandry industry

at this exhibition, Haohao E-line has become one of the most concerned products, and intelligent breeding has also become the most popular topic at this exhibition. Enterprises around the world pay far more attention to and Research on intelligent breeding than expected. Many countries and enterprises have taken intelligent breeding as the main business focus in the next few years. Haohao E-line has also been in the forefront of the world, and has played a good leading and exemplary role in China's intelligent breeding

intelligent breeding is an inseparable topic in China and will definitely enter. When artificial intelligence and big data are widely used in all walks of life, the basic agriculture and animal husbandry industry must not be ignored. The basic livelihood and living industries are the industries that need artificial intelligence and high-tech most, so as to fundamentally solve the speed and efficiency of national economic development

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