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New product: "special welding tool for PU belt of tempering furnace" (Figure)

recently, Changning machinery launched a new product - high-power electric soldering iron. This product is a round PU belt. The mechanical properties of the welder are more important than other physical properties. CN1 high-power electric soldering iron is composed of high-strength temperature resistant plastic handle, stainless steel cover and high-quality heating elements It has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, fast heating, not easy to be affected by moisture and leakage, light hand feel, elegant appearance, etc., and has particularly excellent performance in improving work efficiency and product quality. It is suitable for glass and textile industries

product features

the insider said 1 Unique structure, handle temperature rise safety is better than the traditional body structure, low, lightweight

2. The improved heating core has longer service life and improved insulation

3. It is easy, convenient and fast to replace the heating element

4. Small size, weight and convenient operation

5. The temperature is not too high, within the melting point range of Pu band

6. The welding head is non stick

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