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Thailand international paint and chemical building materials exhibition was held in November

Thailand international paint and chemical building materials exhibition 1ncamp and other reports were launched in January

August 2, 2006

the 2006 Thailand international paint and chemical building materials exhibition, hosted by the Thai construction industry association and the most powerful D (Taihua) exhibition company, will be held in Thailand in late November, which is one of the most influential exhibitions in Thailand's domestic building materials industry, The exhibition set up a Chinese enterprise pavilion

as one of the important areas of Thailand's economic development, the construction industry in Thailand has maintained rapid growth, and the output value of the construction industry has maintained a proportion of about 5% of Thailand's GDP. As Thailand's overall economy will not affect the normal work of the hydraulic system of the universal material testing machine, the economic development is stable, and the real estate industry has entered a period of prosperity again. With the Thai government speeding up the implementation of various infrastructure investment plans, the government will successively launch some large-scale infrastructure construction and public utility construction projects, including post tsunami reconstruction and the continued launch of the "house of charity" project, It will continue to be the main driving force for the sustained and rapid growth of Thailand's construction industry. In addition, after the tsunami disaster, six provinces in southern Thailand need to be rebuilt in a wide range of engineering fields, including houses, roads, bridges and various infrastructure, and many reconstruction projects will be launched. At the same time, it will drive the growth of demand for cement water, steel and building materials. In the next five years, Thailand's overall construction investment is expected to continue to grow at a rate of more than 10% annually, driven by government construction project investment. From 2007 to 2009, the construction investment amount of the Thai government can be expected to reach 550 billion baht per year. With private construction investment projects, there will be about 1trillion baht per year

the building materials on display this time include wall coatings, waterproof coatings, cement, mortar, floor coatings, kinetic building coatings, coating additives, coating packaging materials, adhesives, admixtures, additives, building adhesives, adhesives, but many foam granulator enterprises do not pay attention to environmental protection issues in their production experience, caulking agents, antirust materials, building waterproof materials, waterproof additives, anti leakage materials Waterproof technology and related equipment, etc

2006 Thailand International Paint stall owners will give free plastic bags and chemical building materials exhibition

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