The hottest Thailand will restrict rubber exports

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According to Thai media on June 29, it can also be used for the experiment of compressive strength of other non-metallic materials. Bernard dompok, Minister of domestic planting industry and Commerce of Thailand, said on the same day that in order to curb the further decline of rubber prices in the international market, Thailand clearly proposed to restrict the export of rubber and strive to break through iron-based copper-based new materials, special alloy materials, silicon-based new materials New chemical materials, rare earth functional materials, nano new materials, graphene, new energy materials and other key core technologies

it is reported that under the background of the continued crisis in the euro zone and the weakening demand for rubber in the Indian and Chinese markets, the trading prices of rubber futures contracts, whether on the Tokyo Mercantile Exchange (TOCOM) or the national commodity and derivatives exchange of India (ncdex), have shown a downward trend. In addition, under the influence of the continuous decline in the market price of crude oil, the price of natural rubber and synthetic rubber is much cheaper than that of the same period last year, so the maintenance of oil source: regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source, which eventually leads to the decline in the market price of rubber

according to Thai government officials, the Thai government will discuss the restriction on the amount of natural rubber exported to Malaysia and Indonesia. With the limitation of rubber export volume, the price of natural rubber is expected to rise. On the Tokyo Mercantile Exchange (TOCOM), as of June 29, 2012, the trading price of rubber futures contracts delivered in July 2012 was 235.7 yen per kilogram. On the national multi commodity exchange (nmce) of India, the trading price of natural rubber futures contract delivered in July 2012 was 18630 rupees per ton as of June 29, 2012

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