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"The Belt and Road" achieves another success Zoomlion crawler crane helps Brunei cross sea bridge construction

"the Belt and Road" achieves another success Zoomlion crawler crane helps Brunei cross sea bridge construction

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Zoomlion crawler crane helps Brunei cross sea bridge construction

recently, More than ten large crawler cranes from Zoomlion, a domestic equipment manufacturer, assisted the construction of the famous temblor sea crossing bridge project in Brunei, a country along the "the Belt and Road". The all yellow and white boom rises into the clouds, complementing the beautiful primeval forest scenery around, adding a touch of beautiful scenery to the remote countries of the "maritime Silk Road". Brunei tamburong sea crossing bridge project is a super large infrastructure project with international public bidding, and the gap oil spill is excessive, and the overall size is: (420 × one hundred and eighty × 475mm) mm is another major project of the "the Belt and Road" jointly constructed by Zoomlion and Chinese prefix enterprises

it is understood that the Brunei tamburong sea crossing bridge is about 30 kilometers long and crosses the bay of Brunei. It is a major maritime channel connecting Muara district and tamburong District of Brunei. Among them, the construction section jointly constructed by the construction company China Construction Sixth Engineering Bureau and Zoomlion is an 11 kilometer long viaduct crossing the marsh with full prefabricated structure, and a 100 meter prestressed concrete continuous beam bridge crossing the Sungai Labu River in Brunei

the project leader of Zoomlion said that the estimated construction period of the project is 4 years. The construction company purchased equipment worth nearly 60million yuan from Zoomlion in the first phase, including eight quy180 crawler cranes, eight quy130 crawler cranes and one QY25 truck crane

Zoomlion products at the construction site

the original swamp surrounded by green trees and the rippling ocean are the scenery along the temblor sea crossing bridge to be built, which is also the difficulty of this construction. According to the on-site project commander of China Construction Sixth Engineering Bureau, the south section of the sea crossing bridge needs to pass through the primitive swamps and oceans, with extremely high environmental protection requirements and unprecedented construction difficulties, which has deterred countless foreign counterparts

the construction company, China Construction Sixth Engineering Bureau, specially purchased the crawler crane equipment of Zoomlion for this special construction environment. After the assembly and commissioning of each equipment, it needs to pass the strict safety and quality production in Brunei. All experimental machines absolutely meet the national standard quantity inspection. With high-quality product quality and excellent product performance, Zoomlion successfully passed the inspection, but due to the backward technology, it was unanimously praised by Brunei national safety and quality department. Immediately, all work areas of the south section of temblor sea crossing bridge were invested to participate in the construction

Zoomlion products at the construction site

due to the high environmental protection requirements of the project, the construction company adopts British Standards and specifications, requires mechanical equipment to "zero landing" construction, "flying operation", and adopts its original "fishing construction method". Relying on the trestle, it uses fishing method to plant piles, and supports temporary guide frames, which plays a great role in improving the accuracy of pile position of pile sinking and accelerating platform construction. Zoomlion crawler crane is the protagonist of this construction method. It plays a mainstay role in all key links of project construction and is the most important link to ensure the progress of the project

Zoomlion products at the construction site

the above project leader of Zoomlion introduced that the quy130 and quy180 crawler cranes involved in the construction are the mainstream models of Zoomlion crawler cranes, with high configuration, stable performance and high operation efficiency. At the same time, we send service engineers to the construction site to ensure the normal operation of the equipment 24 hours a day

it is reported that the south section of tamburong sea crossing bridge project will be completed in 2019, and Zoomlion will continue to help build local infrastructure projects in Brunei. With the in-depth promotion of China's "the Belt and Road" strategy, it is expected that the investment in infrastructure in countries along the line will accelerate again in 2017, which will bring huge development space to Zoomlion and other equipment manufacturing enterprises

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