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CAXA electronic drawing board CAD mechanical assembly drawing skills

CAXA electronic drawing board, as an auxiliary design software specially designed for the mechanical industry, its function is indeed very powerful, and the drawing is also very convenient and concise. As an old user who has used CAXA electronic drawing board for many years, I would like to introduce some of my skills in drawing mechanical assembly drawings. I just hope to give a little help to friends who have just learned electronic drawing board, so that more Chinese mechanical designers can understand, use and master our own CAD software

next, taking the drawing of the general assembly drawing of the bevel gear reducer shown in the above figure as an example, I will introduce some of my skills according to the drawing steps

step 1: parts preparation

skill 1 - block definition of parts and components required in the general assembly drawing. The advantage of this is to facilitate the selection of components and the positioning of assembly relationship, and there will be no missing selection or multiple selection when selecting ordinary graphics. As shown in the figure, the parts of the definition block are:

① - shell (sectional view); ② - driven shaft

② - driven bevel gear; ④ - bevel gear shaft

⑤ - isolation sleeve ⑥ - Gasket

⑦ - closure 1 ⑧ - closure 1

other standard parts only need to be called by the standard parts library provided by the software according to the design specifications

skill 2 - as shown above, set different colors for different parts. The advantage of this is that you can distinguish components more intuitively

in the second step, the selection of the tension machine fixture should also be based on the non standardized configuration or the related expanded configuration: pre assemble the parts according to the assembly relationship (this process will not be repeated, and pre assemble the parts and standard parts according to the usual drawing steps and the designer's own design ideas), as shown in the following figure:

skill 3 - in this process, When assembling components, feature points should be used for positioning (the feature point capture menu is called out with the space bar immediately). The advantage of this is that the positioning of the zero (5) loading part is more accurate

pre assembly drawing of gearbox:

step 3: correct the details of the pre assembled drawing

at this time, you will find that in the sectioning part of some parts, the pixels of multiple parts will overlap. At this time, we can directly use the friction coefficient of the software( μ) Coefficent of friction block blanking command, it is enough to hide the display of other parts with the blocks of the main parts to be displayed, and the blanking command can be executed in sequence according to the primary and secondary relationship, and the software will automatically set the blanking of components according to the blanking steps. (the hidden effect is shown in the figure below)

skill 4 - do not operate the invoked standard parts, so that the self attributes of the standard parts will not be lost, and the part attributes can be automatically filled in when making the parts list

before block blanking:

after block blanking:

Step 4: after detail correction, add dimensions, geometric tolerances, parts lists and assembly technical requirements to the drawing

so "he Minghui was very satisfied to introduce the company's masterpiece. A final assembly drawing as shown at the beginning was completed

the above are my skills in drawing the mechanical assembly drawing with CAXA electronic drawing board. Although it is not a very clever skill, it is summed up in the actual process of using CAXA electronic drawing board. On the occasion of CAXA essay solicitation, I'll take it out for your reference, and I sincerely hope it can be helpful to you

I am very grateful to CAXA company for the software of electronic drawing board developed by our Chinese engineers. I sincerely hope that our domestic CAD software CAXA electronic drawing board can be more and more perfect. I believe that CAXA electronic drawing board will eventually become the pride of domestic CAD software. (end)

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