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Bond fever is at an all time high as No Time To Die hits the screens this week. Bond not only saving the world but saving cinemas at the same time. Nobody does it better.
As a lifetime Bond fan, I’ll dress up and make an event out of it, after all, how many times do you live, but at the same time one wonders whether the writing’s on the wall for how long they can keep this going. But with 25 down and a seemingly endless appetite for explosions, car chases, exotic locations, glamorous women (and men) and corny lines, diamonds may not be the only things that are going to last forever.

One feature of Bond is how he seems to be a world class athlete across a range of sports. The Ian Fleming books are a throwback to the day when the upper class sportsman was good at everything. In the books, Bond isn’t the expert he is in the films, and crashes on his skis or on the skeleton bob, ending up in a crumpled heap, shaken, yes, but just about in one piece to be stirred into more actionThe second — and many nurses have nothing left to give..

With cinema audiences now familiar with Jason Bourne and the Marvel Universe, and because we are in the land of make-believe folks, well, Bond has to be good at every sport in the modern day. Not just good but an expert. James Bond has to be a champion skiers office said at 10:40 p.m. Tuesday., shot, runnerOntario works to create more critical care beds in hospitals as COVID-19 cases soar; Ottawa and Air Canada settle on an aid package, swimmer, rock climber, fencer, kite surfer and bobsledder, as well as an expert at martial arts and hand to hand combat. In the book Goldfinger we are told he is a 9 handicap at golf and in The Living Daylights, Bond is such a good shot, he is recommended to enter for the Queen’s Prize, the most coveted honour in the shooting world. It would be like an 18 year old tennis player turning up out of nowhere and winning a Grand Slam tennis.In pictures: 2020's biggest news stories month by month - Today News Post. oh hang on.

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Bond is also a world class card player in baccarat, bridge and poker, as well as backgammon. And like Adam Peaty, he always wins, even if he sometimes cheats or stacks the deck. But have we seen Bond dance? Mercifully not, but we now know Peaty can shake his hips after his impressive debut in Strictly.

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