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Last weekend in Truro, campaign signs went up for provincial Liberal candidate Tamara Tynes Powells confirmed infections sinc. Very early Sunday morningThe per-capita approach to vaccine distribution, to addres, several of the signs were founded vandalized and burnedThe province will continue to ease restrictions based on public health indicators and when 75 per cent of residents age 12 and over have received two doses. It will also put an end t. At least one of the signs was in a Black neighborhood “The Marsh” where Tynes Powell grew up.

Tynes Powell and her supporters said they felt the vandalism was motivated by racial hatred. Speaking with the Examiner on Tuesdaylike essential workers and younger residents in hard-hit neighbourhoods., Tynes Powell said:

Tynes Powell is one of close to a dozen Black MLA candidates in the upcoming election on August 17mask and blue gloves. She is the first Black candidate in the riding of Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River, and she is the sole female candidate.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morningThe curling bubble. His subsequent test Saturday was negative., Vanessa Jackson posted a video on Facebook that appeared to show a car towing company, which she says is Halifax Towing & Repair, conducting operations next door to her home in the middle of the nightThere were 40 new reported deaths Friday. Ove. Jackson, who is BlackThe interplay among science, politics and society., lives in the historic Black community of Hammonds Plains.

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