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The global automotive resin and rubber market continues to grow rapidly

Japan Fuji Industry Research Institute said in its latest report 2010 global automotive chemicals demand status and outlook that this year the global market demand for synthetic resin, elastomer and rubber for automotive manufacturing purposes will reach US $44.8 billion, an increase of 13.7% over 2009, but still slightly lower than the US $46billion in 2008

the report refers to 441.3 million yuan. In the next three years, these materials required by the automotive industry will continue to grow at an annual rate of 9.2%. In 2013, the market demand will reach 56.2 billion US dollars. Among them, the market value of engineering plastics is about 18.5 billion US dollars, the demand for general resin is about 17.1 billion US dollars, the demand for thermoplastic resin is about 10.6 billion US dollars, the demand for synthetic rubber is about 7.9 billion US dollars, and the demand for rubber elastomer is about 2.1 billion US dollars. In 2009, the global consumption of automotive resin and rubber was 8.506 million tons. Among them, compared with the electronic testing machine, the polypropylene electro-hydraulic servo material testing machine with a capacity of more than 30t, which is widely used in automotive internal and external parts, the olefin resin accounts for about 40%, the polyamide tree NatureWorks brand-new material into Asia accounts for about 8.8%, ABS accounts for 7.2%, thermosetting polyurethane accounts for 6.7%, polyethylene accounts for 5.3%, and others account for 32%

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