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Glastic introduced pultrusion bridge deck profile

rocheling glastic composites developed a new type of pultrusion bridge deck profile for sidewalk

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, rochling glastic composites, as a hollow profile or foam filled core material, weighs about 5 pounds per foot. Its application in various fields has been tested and verified. The maximum bending of a 6.5-foot-long profile with a load of £ 50 per square foot is only 0.5 inch

2007 rochling Group acquired glastic company, and now has four composite material production sites all over the world. The combination of technology, production and sales network has enhanced rochling's perfect entrepreneurial environment, provided enough trial and error opportunities for founders, and provided more production flexibility

Glastic is famous for producing electrical insulation materials for low and medium voltage electrical equipment, such as transformers and switchgear with high requirements for sample preparation and placement in experiments. Since the acquisition, rochling glastic will take the lead in adopting composites in BMW's new generation 1 models in September this year, focusing on the application scope and market of molded products and pultruded products. The group makes joint efforts to develop complex customized profiles for various projects around the world in order to compete with imported instruments

"we see many potential synergies in innovative applications, such as transportation, windows, corrosion resistance and bulletproof markets," said Jim azzarello, sales director of rochling glastic composites. "This also reflects the increasing sales and exports in the United States."

rocheling glastic composites' products are available to companies in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Singapore and India, as well as authorized distributors in the United States and around the world

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