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The rapid expansion of the global beverage market

ac Nielsen recently released the survey results that: in the recent survey of more than 90 food and beverage categories around the world, the growth of 9 categories reached or exceeded 10 percentage points in 2001. Among the five food and beverage categories with the fastest development speed in the world, the study found that three were beverages, among which the refined alcoholic beverages had the strongest development trend; Water and sour milk are also on the list

"recent product innovations are emerging in an endless stream, especially in the beverage category," commented Mr. Elida, chairman of AC Nielsen China. "Looking at the world, although there are many cultural differences in various countries, the overall trend is that consumers' demand for health, convenience and products that bring fresh and stimulate diversified control to their lives is growing before they are officially put into use."

in China, yogurt/sour milk ranks first in terms of development speed.

this study shows that in China, 8 of the 13 categories that achieved double-digit growth in 2001 belong to food and beverage products. The sales growth rate of yogurt/sour milk reached 39%, ranking first among all categories in China; Instant coffee, which ranked second, increased by 37%

in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai, the total sales of carbonated beverages, bottled water, fruit juice and ready to drink tea increased by 19%. In 2001, the growth rate of bottled water in the market of these key cities was as high as 46%

it should be noted that the development of AC Nielsen is based on its retail data in 47 countries (regions) in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America. These 47 markets account for 70% of the global population and 95% of the global GDP

convenience food is popular all over the world

with the accelerated pace of modern life, convenience food has been popular all over the world. The best embodiment of this trend is the realization of double-digit growth of instant frozen food, table food and frozen packaged salad, which help busy modern people simplify the preparation process; Another category that reflects consumers' demand for convenience food is frozen fruit that can be thawed at any time and will not deteriorate

health and safety are the main reasons for the growth of fast-growing categories. AC Nielsen's research shows that today's consumers are very concerned about food safety, so bottled water and frozen meat/poultry products show a rapid growth momentum. On the one hand, sour milk is easy to carry. On the other hand, because the product contains active substances beneficial to health, it has become a healthy drink for consumers to choose

category Innovation: a magic weapon to attract consumers

besides considering convenience and safety, consumers also show consistent enthusiasm for new products in the market. Among millions of food and beverage categories in the global market, the refined alcoholic beverage category has witnessed real product innovation. The emergence of products such as alcoholic mixed bottled beverages has increased the vitality of the category and promoted its growth. Last year, the growth rate of refined alcoholic beverages exceeded 30%, which was the fastest among the food and beverage categories when it was impossible to display all the information on the products or product labels due to technical reasons

category with the largest net growth value

in view of the fact that the categories with the fastest growth tend to be relatively small, AC Nielsen also monitored the category with the largest net growth value in 2001. Mr. Elida said, "it is not enough for manufacturers and retailers to only pay attention to those categories with the fastest development. At the same time, we need to find those categories with the largest net growth value, because for large categories, even a small growth means a large sales volume."

in 2001, the net growth value of 8 categories exceeded US $1billion, and the growth rate reached at least 5%. Just like in the list of the fastest growing products, the largest growing product AC foaming agent 0.3~0.5 is also dominated by beverages. Five of the eight categories are beverages. The largest increase was in beer. In 2001, its sales increased by 3billion US dollars, with a growth rate of 5%; In addition, water is the only category that has both the fastest-growing and the largest growth

it should be noted that in this survey, the categories listed in the list of the fastest growing categories in the world are those that reached or exceeded the growth rate of 10% in 2001 and appeared in at least 8 markets; The categories with the largest global growth include those with sales growth of at least US $1billion in 2001 compared with 2000. Since the analysis in the report is based on sales, changes in prices in some countries may have an impact on the results

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