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If someone says that pie can fall from the sky, no one will believe it, but for the current China Internet, many people believe that everything can fall, because now there are "free lunches" everywhere in the Internet. From the registration of classover at the beginning of the year to send apple to Sohu to send "Adorable" ice cream, from 8d8d to Yabao to send the car, from the free "Jiangnan Tour" of the green channel to Ctrip's famous model Tongyou, from A-A quiz to the dark horse quiz of the investment winner, all major stations can be described as Eight Immortals crossing the sea to attract attention, showing their magic powers. Although the purpose of various award-winning activities is nothing more than propaganda stations to attract attention in the final analysis, there are great differences in the operation methods and effects of various activities. The author here divides them into six categories, which are described respectively

first, grandstanding type

"grandstanding" attracts the attention of the public, and "grandstanding" is the purpose of grandstanding, that is, to become the object of public favor. This type of award-winning activities is the most numerous and easiest to be copied among all activities, and it is also the lowest level. There are a large number of grandstanding award-winning activities, which are countless. It either wins with innovative ideas, such as giving apples to classover, or attracts people's attention with a huge number of awards, such as giving cars to Yabao, ChinaRen award houses, etc. For people, as long as they have enthusiasm to participate in this kind of activity, they don't need too much technology. Because of the simplicity and operability of this activity, it is easier to attract people to participate. It is said that in the classover Apple delivery activity, a student has received a basket of apples at most. However, people who participate in this kind of activity usually register for the activity, and it is not certain whether they will re-enter the station after the activity. Therefore, the effect of holding this type of activity will not be as good as the publicity except to improve the popularity and the number of registered users with water. In particular, the second plan, because it contains unfair competition factors, often fails, easy to attract complaints from the people, but it backfires. For example, ChinaRen's prize house activity was ordered to stop by the industrial and commercial department for violating the (Anti Unfair Competition Law), which became a blockbuster event, which was unexpected by the organizers

second, long line fishing

long line fishing is to catch big fish in a long line, which is a method adopted by most forums. Stations holding this type of activity often take some incremental benefits as bait to attract people to their stations for a long time. The most commonly used method of this type of activity is to score the people. For example, the first floor of the world of investment winners scores everyone who posts in the forum through the point system. According to the number of points, the people are divided into tea guests, guests, VIPs and other levels, and people at different levels can enjoy various services provided by the station. This method uses people's psychological characteristics to attract people to their own stations for a long time, create a relatively stable number of users for the station, and can gather people with the same interests. For people, getting scores is not only for the final prize, but also to prove their value among people who participate in similar activities and obtain a sense of achievement, which is also an important reason why many BBS are very popular at present

some professional stations of this type will change the scoring form in combination with professional characteristics. For example, Ctrip tourism rewards people in the form of mileage. Of course, this is just a change of soup without a change of medicine. In a sense, Lianzhong game PDA (DHI unit) displayed in orange also belongs to this type

III. buy one get one free type

as the name suggests, buy one get one free is to sell with prizes in e-commerce. After customers buy a certain number of goods at the station, the station will return a certain number of shopping vouchers. Take eastshop of Oriental view as an example. As long as customers buy any kind of goods in Shangshang mall, they can get "Yuan" of the same value and receive a lot of free time. Here, customers can not only use "Yuan" like shopping vouchers in traditional shopping malls, but also spend free time wandering on the Internet. This type of award-winning activities are mostly carried out by BtoC station, which is not fundamentally different from traditional promotional activities

IV. market test type

market test type is a less developed and more distinctive type of networking award-winning activities. The so-called market test is to test the activities that have a decisive contribution to the market prospect or market potential of a project for large-scale process with special capacity through award-winning activities. For example, the May Day "free Jiangnan Tour" held by green channel some time ago is to test the market prospect of network tourism (i.e. tourism e-commerce) in China and explore solutions for network tourism. In order to achieve this goal, they carried out a complete online travel operation on the, the only difference is that this activity can be attended free of charge. Through the reaction of the people and the summary of the activities afterwards, this paper analyzes the market potential of China's tourism e-commerce, the advantages of network tourism and the tourism e-commerce solutions suitable for China's national conditions. It can be said that the participants in the event are both lucky and experimental. Of course, this type can not only carry out market testing, but also greatly improve the popularity of the station. However, it is worth discussing the credibility of the conclusion tested through this free activity

v. professional improvement type

the biggest difference between professional improvement type and the above four types is that it requires a higher level of activity participants and has a clear purpose of the activity. This type of award-winning activities are mostly highly professional award-winning guessing or recommendation activities. For participants, better professional knowledge and analytical ability are required. For the organizers of the activities, it is not only the standard materials, but also the publicity of their own entrepreneurial spirit and business philosophy. Like the "century dark horse" quiz just concluded by investment winners and the upcoming "dark horse stock recommendation", the purpose of the activity is to carry forward the rational investment spirit it has always advocated, make investors pay attention to the real value of listed companies, explore private investment experts, improve investors' analysis ability, and cultivate true users for the station. 7. According to the degree of automation: manual fixture, pneumatic fixture, electric fixture, hydraulic fixture. For people, without certain investment knowledge and stock analysis ability, it is unlikely to win the award. Relatively speaking, it is more important for participants to improve their professional skills than the award itself. This type of prize guessing often has high bonuses, long duration, circular lottery, and is guided by experts in the whole process. For example, the "dark horse recommendation" is a large-scale event that lasts for half a year, with a weekly bonus of 300000 yuan. However, compared with the previous types, this kind of bonus is a kind of reward obtained by participants through labor, which is not easy to get

VI. business model type

it can be said that it is a new form to operate award-winning activities as a model. At present, there are few stations to carry out this business model, and the business field is relatively narrow. Online advertising in Z era is the initiator and advocate of this model. Z era has made advertisements that most people dislike into a duck farm treasure hunt game, so that people can find duck food in the online advertisements of Z era to feed their ducks. For every three ducks raised, they can participate in the monthly lottery. In this way, advertising will change from passive to active, and stations will gain advertising revenue through this new model. However, those who participate in this type of activities are generally teenagers with strong curiosity and poor purchasing power. Whether this kind of activity can truly guarantee the interests of enterprises remains to be examined, and whether this model has vitality remains to be tested in practice after the people are increasingly mature and gradually come out of the stage of curiosity and fun

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