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There are tricks to prolong the storage period of fruits

the harvested fruit is a living organism like growing on a tree. During the storage process, the fruit still keeps breathing and further stretching. In order to preserve the quality of fruits as much as possible and improve the ability of fruits to resist the invasion of external microorganisms, the following methods and measures can effectively ensure the extension of storage period

1. Reasonable harvest time and method. Fruits are not resistant to storage if they are harvested too early or too late, and the whole harvest period should not be delayed too long. Generally, they are harvested within 10 days before and after the most suitable harvest period. Picking should be handled with care to avoid mechanical damage, and the injured fruit and good fruit should be treated separately

2. Plant fungicide treatment. The smell of garlic, onion or anise contains fungicides. You can dip the fruit with the juice of onion and garlic diluted with water, or dip the anise oil in fruit wrapping paper and then wrap the fruit, and pad pine and cypress leaves in the fruit basket to prevent the fruit from rotting; The germicidal effect of soaking fruit with tolbuzine methyl and carbendazim is also very ideal; Auxin 2.4-D has a good effect on the storage and preservation of citrus fruits, but at present, the production of pollution-free fruits is vigorously promoted, and 2,4-D should not be used again

3. Medicated fruit washing and fruit packaging. Washing fruits with 1% baking soda can significantly prolong the storage period; Wrapping fruit with fruit wrapping paper or film bag single fruit bagging can not only reduce the stabbing and abrasion of fruits, but also play a role in heat preservation and avoid the mutual infection of rotten fruits. This is the common storage method of most fruits at present

4. Adjust the humidity of the storage. Under normal circumstances, the temperature load in the storage can be adjusted by opening and closing the air window of the storage according to the different temperatures in the morning, in the middle and in the evening, and the small deformation (electronic extensometer) can be automatically verified in four levels; So as to ensure that the accuracy does not exceed the tolerance. Close the air window when it is cold at night and reopen in the morning to maintain a normal and stable temperature. Close all air windows in the coldest period after the winter solstice; After the beginning of spring, do a good job of ventilation according to the climate to prevent the temperature of the reservoir from being too high. Humidity is an important factor to maintain fruit storage. For example, when the humidity is too high, it can be absorbed by lime, furnace ash, charcoal, etc; When the humidity is too low, it can be solved by using water tanks, watering on the ground and other methods. The air humidity should be 80% - 90%

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