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The way of making money in exhibition marketing has lasted 151 years since the first exhibition was born in London, England in 1850. At first, it was the product of market economy. With the continuous development and improvement of market economy, especially the new products and technologies brought by the rapid progress of science and technology, which were promoted in the form of exhibitions, achieved twice the result with half the effort. Even in modern society, where corporate culture and ideas are highly valued, exhibitions are endowed with the important mission of spreading corporate culture and establishing the image of enterprises (products). Once the exhibition industry develops, it will play a great role in promoting economic development, which is mainly reflected in two aspects. First, the exhibition is not only a bridge for manufacturers and merchants to negotiate, but also an information aggregate. The process of exhibition is a process of intangible collection, processing, processing and output of information. Often such information output has obvious industry development trend indications; Second, exhibition activities can directly drive the economic development of the region. According to the estimation of the international exposition Alliance (UFI), the only world organization in the exhibition industry, only 20% of the economic benefits created by the exhibition are in the exhibition industry, and the remaining 80% are owned by trade, hotel, catering, transportation, tourism, telecommunications and other related industries. This is why in many cities of China, jd-021, with a price of 560 yuan, such as Dalian, Kunming, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, etc., have built large-scale construction and exhibition halls in recent years, and the government has subsidized various exhibitions and trade fairs

exhibition marketing is a systematic engineering, which involves a wide range of disciplines, such as advertising, psychology, marketing, market economics, public relations and other disciplines. Then, how should exhibition operators and exhibitors grasp "exhibition marketing" and create maximum benefits? According to their different properties and characteristics, let's discuss them respectively:

first, the reflection of exhibition operators on "exhibition marketing" - creating brand enterprises and brand projects

today's market competition is essentially brand competition. Brand means high added value, high profit and high market share. Whether a country, a region and an enterprise has its own strong brand and well-known brand is the symbol of economic development and the concentrated embodiment of comprehensive strength. Therefore, the creation, cultivation and development of well-known brands has become a long-term strategy for exhibition enterprises to achieve healthy and sustainable development. A famous brand can save an enterprise and a brand exhibition, which is also the basis for the survival and development of an exhibition enterprise. The basic elements of brand exhibition are:

1. Strong support from authoritative associations and industry representatives

internationally, the government generally does not interfere with enterprises in holding exhibitions. The success of exhibitions depends on the recognition of the whole industry and enterprises. If exhibition enterprises can obtain the support and cooperation of authoritative industry associations and major representatives in the industry, it will undoubtedly increase the reputation and credibility of the exhibition, expand its scale, and bring great publicity effect and influence

2. It represents the development direction of the industry

representing the development direction of the industry is an important symbol of branding, which reflects the professionalism and foresight of the exhibition. The exhibition that can represent the development direction of the industry will have a clear target market and target customers, and can provide almost all the information covering this professional market. The more comprehensive and professional the information provided by the exhibition, the more active the audience and the more enthusiastic the exhibitors are

3. Professional exhibition services

professional exhibition services include the whole operation process of exhibition enterprises, from market research, theme approval, seeking cooperation, advertising, exhibition means, audience organization, activity arrangement, on-site atmosphere creation, post exhibition services, and even the formatting and standardization of all external documents and letters of exhibition enterprises. They must have a high professional level and the rigorous attitude of employees

4. Obtain the qualification recognition of "UFI"

at present, there are nearly 600 exhibitions recognized by the "UFI" (International Exposition alliance) qualification in the world, while there are only 6 exhibitions in China. "UFI" has strict requirements and detailed examination procedures for exhibition projects and their sponsors that apply to join its association. With this relatively mature qualification evaluation system, enterprises that have obtained the qualification recognition of "UFI" and use the "UFI" mark have become an important symbol of famous brand exhibitions. As China is about to join the "WTO", in the face of many powerful overseas exhibition enterprises and famous brand exhibitions coming one after another, joining the "UFI" will play an inestimable role in standardizing exhibition operation and improving international competitiveness

5. Long term planning, adhere to brand strategic thinking

it is not easy to cultivate a brand exhibition. Exhibition enterprises must establish a long-term brand development strategy, shift from short-term price competition to long-term competition for additional value and intangible assets, and use advanced brand marketing strategies and brand management technology to occupy the commanding heights of the exhibition market. The key to the success of brand strategy lies in persistence. Michael Porter, a master of competitive strategy, believes that only enterprises that adhere to a strategy for a long time and do not easily drift away can win the final victory

II. Exhibitors' Thoughts on "exhibition marketing"

according to industry analysis, the cost of enterprises expanding the market by participating in exhibitions is more than 40% lower than that of other traditional forms, and the promotion time is greatly shortened. In some large trading countries in Europe and the United States, the vast majority of enterprises obtain most trade opportunities and seek partners from exhibitions, and are also the best places to participate in international market competition. However, it is regrettable that so far, a considerable number of enterprises in China still believe that participating in the exhibition is a waste of time, money and energy. Even if they come to the exhibition, they are very hasty to deal with it. The general staff of the exhibition believe that it is the leaders who sent them! It was assigned by the superior unit! So, how should enterprises grasp "exhibition marketing"

(I) how should enterprises choose effective exhibitions

all over the country, various expositions, order fairs, trade fairs and exhibitions are held all the time. For enterprises, the purpose of participating in the exhibition is diverse. 3. Steel Weldments have a variety of purposes: promoting corporate culture and business philosophy, promoting new products and expanding new markets, seeking exchanges and cooperation between industries, etc. Then, enterprises should first consider the purpose and objective of participating in the exhibition, and then consider when, where and which exhibition to participate in; Secondly, select the organizer of the exhibition and confirm its qualification, reputation and brand. As mentioned above, there are also high-quality brands and fake and shoddy exhibitions. In order to protect the rights and interests of enterprises participating in the exhibition, we must carefully identify the qualifications, reputation and popularity of the host unit, and see whether it has complete industrial and commercial licenses, approval documents, economic strength, fixed office location, etc., so as to determine the advantages and disadvantages of its identity qualification for holding the exhibition; Thirdly, the quality of the exhibition should be evaluated by investigating the grade, specialty, scale and advertising investment of the exhibition, so as to further reduce the participation risk of enterprises; Finally, exhibitors must also have a detailed understanding of the venue of the exhibition, the charging standard and the attitude of their peers towards the exhibition, which will be used as the basis for the final quality evaluation of the exhibition and decide whether to sign up for the exhibition

(II) how should enterprises do a good job in participating in the exhibition

when the enterprise decides to sign up for the exhibition, it must immediately select a favorable booth, make a good exhibition cost budget, draw up a detailed exhibition plan, and carefully complete all work around the plan:

1. Pre exhibition work

(1) design and formulate booth layout plan; In order to achieve a good display effect and highlight the corporate image, it not only requires the booth layout to be novel and creative, but also drives the axis of the photoelectric encoder to change, and pays attention to the decoration characteristics of the booth and the exquisite application materials. For example, color matching, lighting design, design and construction of walls and floors, booth decoration and other aspects have special requirements that are completely different from the general living environment, which can greatly attract the extensive attention of visitors and target customers and deepen their impressions

(2) design and package exhibits; Displaying exhibits to visitors and target customers is an important part of the exhibition activities. Facts have proved that vivid packaging, eye-catching furnishings, the use of sound, light and electricity effects, combined with pictures, images and concise text descriptions, and on-site exhibits demonstration and other activities, will enable the popularity of exhibits to expand rapidly and achieve the desired display effect

(3) compilation and production of publicity materials; According to different exhibition themes and purposes, it is necessary to formulate different exhibition slogans and compile different publicity materials, which require concise words, novel patterns, exquisite design and rigorous printing

(4) making of souvenirs; For visitors and the general audience, a souvenir with exquisite design and profound meaning can deepen the impression and maintain the publicity effect for a longer time

(5) training of exhibition staff; The words and deeds of the exhibition staff are undoubtedly the most representative and reflection of the corporate image and corporate culture. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the training of exhibitors, including the training of good manners, polite expressions, professional quality and professional ethics, so as to make them become a first-class elite exhibition team with high quality, high efficiency and heavy service

2. Extension work

(1) understand the development trend of the industry and observe the development trend of the industry, and collect all kinds of valuable customer information and industry information

(2) vigorously carry out various publicity and public relations work; Focus on visiting some target exhibitors and potential customers, exchange information with each other, and further establish partnership with them; Promote cooperation projects and strive to find partners

(3) actively participate in various industry exchange activities arranged by the exhibition, vigorously publicize the corporate culture and establish the brand image of the enterprise (product) through lectures, special lectures and other forms

(4) hold a presentation of the exhibits at the exhibition site, distribute enterprise (product) promotional materials, and selectively give souvenirs to target customers

3. Post exhibition work

(1) post exhibition summary; A considerable number of exhibitors will "escape victoriously" after the withdrawal of the exhibition. After returning to the unit, they will turn in the collected business cards or arrange to enter them into the computer, even if they complete the exhibition task. In fact, enterprises should also make a comprehensive summary of the implementation of the work of this exhibition. Compare with other exhibitors and enterprises, find out the success and shortcomings, absorb experience, and strive to operate more perfectly in the future exhibition opportunities, so as to continuously improve the exhibition level and quality of enterprises

(2) make rational use of information and track customers; The valuable information collected at the exhibition should be classified and studied; Follow up and contact key customers and potential customers after the meeting in time<

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