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Prevent large-scale transformer damage accidents

1 prevent transformer insulation damage and disorder

1.1 the transformer in operation should be checked and the oil leakage scene of the parts should be checked. The transformer body has no ponding. Haizheng polylactic acid project: "corn to plastic" fills the domestic gap to prevent moisture and air from entering the transformer and causing transformer insulation damage

1.2 the oil seal of the transformer respirator should maintain a certain oil level and keep unobstructed, The drying agent remains dry and ensures excellent moisture absorption results

1.3 check the explosion-proof film and Enron pressure relief valve of the guaranteed transformer on schedule to prevent direct connection with the air, resulting in an increase in the moisture content in the oil of the transformer and deterioration of the insulation function of the oil

1.4 when replenishing oil to the transformer, attention should be paid to the qualified oil quality in the oil conservator to prevent the oil quality from improving due to oil replenishment, and to prevent the oil tank from being replenished from the bottom of the transformer, to prevent air and impurities at the bottom of the oil tank from entering the transformer body, especially to prevent metal impurities from entering the outside of the transformer

1.5 when the signal is withdrawn after the light gas shelter measure, it is necessary to take gas in time to stop inspection, so as to identify the components, and take oil samples to stop chromatographic analysis, find out the notice and remove it in time

1.6 the light gas shelter of the transformer in operation should be reliably put into operation, and it is not allowed to put the transformer without shelter into operation. If the task requires that the shelter be stopped for a short time, there should be a way, and then it should be restored immediately

1.7 it is necessary to stop the key supervision of the transformer winding temperature and the lower oil temperature. When it is close to the alarm temperature, it is necessary to stop the comparative comprehensive analysis of the load, cooler and ambient temperature in time, and stop effective control, Strive to find the hidden problems outside the transformer in time

1.8 carefully check the position of the oil flow instigator. Once the submersible pump is found to be stopped, it should be opened in time, otherwise the detection error of Jinan testing machine will soon reduce, threatening the safe operation of the transformer

1.9 often check the arrester action recorder of the transformer, and record the number of actions. After finding the arrester action, Try to stop the transformer and stop checking

1.10 the oil sample hole bolts of the transformer body should be checked emphatically to prevent the inspection staff from not tightening after sampling to form oil leakage

1.11 after the external fault of the transformer trips, the oil pump should be cut off as soon as possible, and the operation of the oil pump should be stopped to prevent the free, metal particles and other impurities in the fault from entering the non fault part of the transformer

1.12 prevent the coil temperature of the transformer from being too high, and the insulation from getting better and burning out. Reasonably control the temperature rise of the top oil in operation. Especially for the transformer forced by oil circulation cooling, when the lower oil temperature rise exceeds the allowable value, the load should be quickly controlled, and the oil temperature rise should be kept within the specified range. It is not necessary to check whether the power supply is normal and the transformer operates under reduced load. During the overload operation of the transformer, it is also necessary to carefully monitor its oil temperature rise within the specified value, and try to reduce the load as much as possible to prevent the accelerated aging of insulation caused by durable high-temperature operation when increasing the overload operation

2 prevent transformer damage and disorder

2.1 discuss and stop temperature measurement on transformer leads on schedule to prevent overheating caused by poor contact

2.2 stop checking the cooling fan of the transformer on schedule, and regularly analyze the chromatographic analysis and chemical supervision of the insulating oil of the transformer to ensure that the oil quality of the transformer is excellent

2.3 always check the neutral grounding environment of the transformer to prevent transformer overvoltage breakdown

2.4 always check that the bushing of the transformer is clean and free of cracks to prevent the bushing of the transformer from flashover

2.5 the shelter assembly of the transformer must be perfect and reliable. It is strictly forbidden to put the transformer without shelter into operation. If the shelter is stopped for a short time due to the needs of the task, there should be a way to take care of it, and then it should be restored immediately

2.6 the transformer that has short circuit at the outlet or near area must stop the required electrical test and inspection, so the travel of the rubber tensile testing machine is extremely large when testing the rubber material, so as to determine that all components in the transformer are not deformed and damaged

2.7 strengthen the inspection of the oil level of the oil filled casing. If there is a lack of oil in the oil filled casing, look for the notice and stop oil replenishment. Deal with the casing with oil leakage in time

2.8 strengthen the fire prevention task of transformer and perfect the fire prevention measures of transformer

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