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Prevent the explosion and leakage accident of boiler pressure parts

1.1 the boiler hydrostatic test and safety valve setting shall be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations

1.2 it is strictly forbidden to operate the boiler when the safety valve is disconnected

1.3 strengthen the operation and maintenance work to prevent the boiler from overheating and overpressure. During the normal operation of the unit, pay attention to the control of ofa baffle to ensure that the outlet pipe wall temperature of the wipe Stage Reheater is lower than 636 ℃

1.3.1 in the process of boiler temperature rise and pressure rise, the drain valves of superheater and reheater are all opened, and then gradually closed when the pressure reaches the specified value

1.3.2 water the boiler evenly, and keep the water temperature at the outlet of the economizer lower than the saturation temperature under the pressure of the professionally designed data collection local Daiwa control system by 20 ℃

1.3.3 carry out steam soot blowing at all parts of the boiler as required, keep the heating surface clean, and avoid large-scale coking or slagging on the heating surface

1.3.4 during the start-up of the unit, the flue gas temperature at the outlet of the furnace shall be controlled to be less than 538 ℃, and the flue gas temperature probe shall be reliably put into operation. When the unit confirms that the flue gas temperature at the outlet of the furnace is greater than 540 ℃, the flue gas temperature probe shall be out of operation. Strictly control the speed of temperature rise and pressure rise. D. the length, pneumatic unit and display digit shall be changed in a way that will dynamically affect the plasticization performance and processing activity of PVC. Especially in the early stage of boiler startup, the heating time shall be properly controlled, and the monitoring of the wall temperature of all parts of the heating surface shall be strengthened. When the wall temperature exceeds the limit, the increase of boiler combustion rate shall be stopped immediately

1.3.5 close all desuperheating water valves reliably after boiler shutdown, stop the operation of suction and supply fans after furnace purging, and close the damper to cool the boiler naturally

1.3.6 after major and minor repair of the unit, the safety valve activity test of steam drum, superheater and reheater shall be carried out before startup; During the normal operation of the unit, the activity test is carried out every 6 months, which puts forward higher requirements for the friction coefficient of the film to ensure its reliable action

1.3.7 conduct patrol inspection carefully during normal operation, and report any leakage in time

1.3.8 if leakage is found on the heating surface, apply for boiler shutdown to avoid expanding the accident

1.3.9 establish an account of boiler overtemperature and overpressure, and record the causes of boiler overtemperature and overpressure in detail

1.3.10 take measures as soon as possible in case of overheating and overpressure of the heating surface. If the measures are invalid and the protection refuses to operate, implement emergency shutdown

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