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Yuchai intelligent sanitation IOT opens a new mode of garbage collection and transportation

Yuchai intelligent sanitation IOT opens a new mode of garbage collection and transportation

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"when should I go to collect and transport garbage?" "Where is the pickup truck now?" "How to ensure efficient and economical garbage collection and transportation?" "How to avoid smelly garbage cans and flies?" I believe this is a difficult problem that has plagued the sanitation station for many years. How to find a good medicine for this series of sanitation problems

emancipate the hands of sanitation workers

according to the China Urban Construction Statistical Yearbook 2015, in 2015, there should be a certain space around urban life around the country that is convenient for operation, installation of extensometers, maintenance and other work. The garbage removal volume is about 191 million tons, and is on the rise. With the gradual contraction of the demographic dividend, it is difficult to recruit workers, and it is more difficult to recruit sanitation workers. Intelligent mechanized garbage collection and transportation replace manual collection and transportation. "This solar aircraft adopts a large number of high-tech materials from Bayer materials technology, which is a general trend

the intelligent sanitation IOT collection and transportation system developed by Yuchai special metal air battery with an energy density of 800 wh/kg uses a new 3-ton boom type compressed garbage truck, which uses an imported parfiger boom with a lifting force of up to 750KG, which can easily realize the "manipulator" to replace the manual workers to collect garbage, and completely liberate the hands of sanitation workers

in the demonstration site of Yuchai special automobile intelligent sanitation IOT collection and transportation system, we were lucky to see that the staff drove a 3-ton boom type compressed garbage truck and stopped it accurately at a place about 2.8m away from the smart bucket through the image monitoring system. The sanitation workers operated the boom through wireless remote control to hoist the garbage can directly to the rear of the vehicle, the bucket elevator tipped over 45 degrees for unloading, and protective plates were installed on the left and right sides of the filler, which solved the problem of flying dust Garbage leakage and other problems, the whole process is smooth and fast. The sanitation workers only need to press the remote control, and one bucket of garbage will be disposed in just 150 seconds

Yuchai sanitation vehicles

innovative garbage collection and transportation mode

Yuchai sanitation intelligent IOT management platform makes full use of "GPS positioning" technology, changes the traditional sanitation supervision and management mode, effectively realizes the timely positioning, real-time tracking, trajectory query and playback of sanitation vehicles, and realizes the "informatization" of vehicle management; The smart bucket is equipped with an electronic chip, which implements 24-hour intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management of garbage removal and transportation through IOT technology. The environmental sanitation station scientifically schedules vehicles according to the height and weight of garbage storage in the smart bucket, effectively reduces the operating cost of sanitation vehicles, and realizes the "intellectualization" of garbage removal and transportation management

automatic garbage overflow alarm

the semi buried garbage can equipped with the intelligent sanitation IOT collection and transportation system integrates a number of intelligent technologies, one of which is the automatic overflow alarm function

it is understood that a weight sensor is installed inside the dustbin, which can monitor the material level, weight, temperature and other data of the dustbin remotely and in real time through Yuchai intelligent sanitation IOT system. When the overflowing degree of the dustbin reaches 80%, the system will automatically alarm and notify the sanitation workers to clean it in time. Compared with the material requirements and development trend of traditional new garbage technology, this smart bucket has a volume of 2m ³, It can meet the garbage storage capacity demand of villages, greatly reduce the attendance of sanitation workers, effectively reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers, and greatly reduce the operating cost of sanitation stations

say goodbye to the smell

worried about standing by the garbage can and smelling bad? Worried about flies flying around the garbage can? Worried about the spread of sewage near the garbage can in rainy days? Don't worry, as long as you start with the smart trash can, all your worries are superfluous

the smart trash can is equipped with a manual self weight opening and closing sealing cover as standard, and the width of the feeding port reaches 635mm. When you throw garbage, the garbage cover will automatically close, avoiding the situation that garbage is exposed and produces peculiar smell. It is semi buried and equipped with waterproof and drainage structures. Next to the garbage can, it is equipped with a wind and rain shelter roof, a rest stool and a bulletin board. In rainy days, you don't need to worry about the problem of ponding. You can also take a nap on the stool and see the "charging" of rural regulations and civil conventions and other small knowledge in the bulletin board

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