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On September 1, 2014, the 13th China International internal combustion engine exhibition opened in Beijing. Yuchai carried engines for trucks, passenger cars, engineering machines, agricultural machinery, passenger cars Eleven products of six series of marine electric engines were unveiled. The grand exhibition lineup and amazing exhibition appearance make Yuchai booth one of the most popular and lively booths in this exhibition

the quality is the same inside and outside.

Yuchai's 11 products in this exhibition are the models that were mainly promoted in 2014, including the c6g260n-50 natural gas engine, yc6j125z-t30 engine, yc4eg engine, yc6l engine, yc6j210n-52 plug-in hybrid engine, yc6t700l engine, yc6k diesel engine, yc6mk engine Yc4a140l-t30 engine and yc4s and yc4y20 anatomical exhibition machines

the bright and exquisite appearance of Yuchai exhibits can be called the biggest highlight. The newly upgraded image and exquisite workmanship astonish four, and one exhibition machine is like exquisite handicrafts, attracting many industry experts and media to stop and visit

two anatomical exhibition machines yc4s and yc4y20 are also quite eye-catching. In the past, the internal anatomy exhibition machine of domestic engines was rarely seen at the internal combustion engine exhibition. Yuchai not only exhibited two advanced models of anatomy machines, but also its bright paint technology, exquisite electroplating technology, fine workmanship and smooth lines, which highly restored the precision of the internal structure of Yuchai machine. This not only set a new record for domestic engine anatomical models, but also opened the eyes of industry insiders and media present

you can call our company's service appearance through the page

for Yuchai's amazing product appearance, Huangyi, deputy general manager of Yuchai stock sales company, said: "In the past, Yuchai focused more on the shaping of product quality and reliability, and the aesthetics of product appearance was indeed not particularly concerned, which led to the voice of individual criticism in the previous exhibition. We want to thank those who criticized us. It was these incentives that made us revise our understanding of industrial products and realize more deeply that exquisite and beautiful appearance is also a must for an excellent engine Factors. "

after realizing the importance of appearance for shaping excellent engines, Yuchai made great efforts for this. From the company executives to the leaders of R & D and design, manufacturing process, production, procurement, sales and other departments, they have paid enough attention to the appearance of the whole machine. Through the measures of appearance benchmarking with peer products, internal improvement design, reshaping product appearance quality standards and control processes, Yuchai engine has finally achieved a breakthrough in aesthetics and achieved "internal and external repair"

nowadays, Yuchai series products are not only excellent and reliable in performance, but also exquisite and beautiful in appearance. This is entirely due to Yuchai's big enterprise style of accepting criticism with an open mind and the development idea of constantly revising the design concept and keeping pace with the times

"the lack of appearance of Yuchai's early products is a helpless move. In addition to factors such as different emphases, Yuchai considers the overall layout of the products most when producing." The person in charge of Yuchai exhibition explained. Previously, Yuchai had many product models and many supporting interfaces and connectors. The main reason lies in the huge customer base: there are both large central enterprises and some small enterprises; There are differences in technical strength and development capacity between supporting customers. In order to meet the different needs of many customers, Yuchai can only make appropriate compromises in the unity of product appearance

"however, through our unremitting efforts, through this exhibition, we can see that without affecting the matching of different customers, our products have better integrity and more exquisite appearance." The person in charge of Yuchai exhibition stressed

product anatomy shows skill

while the appearance has made a qualitative leap, product quality is still the foundation of Yuchai. In this exhibition, through two anatomical exhibition machines, the audience can clearly see the internal structure and manufacturing process of Yuchai engine, which shows its confidence in its own products

in fact, before the exhibition, Yuchai also hesitated to show the anatomy of the product. Although Yuchai has always paid attention to the internal quality of products and is not afraid to "appear" to the audience, after all, making anatomical exhibits requires very high internal structure, process and quality of products. Once the requirements are not met, the display results will be counterproductive

"we are very confident in our products. Compared with imported engines, domestic products are approaching the international advanced level in terms of quality, technology and structural design." Huang Yi said, "this gap has been very small. At least in China, Yuchai is one of the best products in engine enterprises to make the long axis of the sample coincide with the stretching direction through the fixture centerline. Today, Yuchai dares to dissect the product, which is enough to prove our confidence. Visitors can have a close look at the internal structure and manufacturing process level of the engine."

it is reported that Yuchai's casting process is very mature, and the scrap rate is controlled within 1%, which is highly praised in the industry

fully prepared for upgrading

in the first half of this year, affected by the upgrading of National IV emissions, the domestic commercial vehicle market performed poorly, and the supporting engine industry was naturally affected. Yuchai still achieved a small year-on-year growth in its performance in the first half of the year despite the general downturn in the industry

this is due to the technical reserves of Yuchai leading the industry. As early as the end of 2004, Yuchai began to provide the market with national IV engines. In the past 10 years, Yuchai has accumulated mature and rich experience in product research and development, manufacturing, supply and service. Automotive and aviation enterprises are always looking for more durable materials or materials that can withstand higher stress. Therefore, Yuchai's technicians said that the comprehensive switch of national level IV had little impact on Yuchai, and Yuchai maintained a positive attitude towards emission upgrading

"After upgrading the National IV emission, the cost of trucks has generally increased, and customers are already resistant. If the service is not done well, they are likely to lose customers. Enterprises must have a sense of anxiety in this regard. Future engine maintenance needs more comprehensive knowledge accumulation and excellent maintenance skills. Yuchai will devote a lot of energy to after-sales service training, in order to better serve customers and make customers not only satisfied with our production." Products, more satisfied with our service. " Huang Yi pointed out that in the face of future diversified market competition, timely and efficient supporting services will be the key to winning the competition

"Yuchai has more than 2900 service stations across the country. As of last year, we have conducted National IV service related training for more than 1000 service stations to ensure that service technicians master the maintenance and repair of National IV engines." The person in charge of Yuchai exhibition said that Yuchai has sufficient technical reserves, and now it just needs to wait for the upgrade time

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