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Yuchai machine Tang Zhanghua: burning passion miracle forged in passion

Yuchai machine Tang Zhanghua: burning passion miracle forged in passion

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Guide: will be the top of the mountain and see all the mountains. I like climbing mountains. Tang Zhanghua, who has just been rated as an excellent Communist Party member in Yulin, said that mountain climbing can not only keep fit, but also be inspirational. Climbing high and looking far will make people open-minded and invigorating. And it is with a kind of persistent mountaineering spirit that he

it will be the top of the mountain and the small mountains at a glance

"I like climbing mountains." Tang Zhanghua, who has just been rated as an excellent Communist Party member in Yulin, said that mountain climbing can not only keep fit, but also be inspirational. Climbing high and looking far will make people open-minded and invigorating. And it is with a persistent "mountaineering spirit" that he led the Guangdong sales team - all employees of the Guangdong Office of the sales company of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. to cut through thorns and thorns, crisscross the market, challenge one sales peak after another, and achieve remarkable results under the circumstances of severe market situation and fierce industry competition - in 2011, the entry volume of Yuchai engine in Guangdong increased by 20% compared with 2010; Engine sales increased by 98% over 2010

shoulder heavy responsibilities and turn pressure into power

in August 2010, Tang Zhanghua became the director of the Guangdong Office of the sales company. Guangdong is the frontier capital of China's economy and an important position for engine sales. The market share of Yuchai engine in Guangdong is very important for Yuchai. Tang Zhanghua felt a kind of pressure and a strong impetus to shoulder the heavy responsibility

shortly after Tang Zhanghua took office, he received an arduous task: to equip more than 8800 service vehicles for the 16th Guangzhou Asian Games with Yuchai engines. Time is tight, and the task is heavy! Tang Zhanghua took the lead in setting an example, leading 21 teams of Yuchai support team to set up a full-service network in Guangzhou, quickly integrate into various bus maintenance points, assist in the early vehicle maintenance and troubleshooting, and focus on the hybrid vehicle support, the key maintenance points of the Asian Games, the key inspection of newly arrived vehicles, and parts support

Tang Zhanghua and his colleagues, with their superb technology and enthusiastic and meticulous service, have created excellent results of zero complaints, zero breakdowns and no failures affecting the normal operation of Asian Games service vehicles. Liu Wei, deputy director of Guangzhou Transportation Commission, once said, "we created countless firsts during the Asian Games, and our cooperation with Yuchai is a model."

burning passion will make it impossible to become possible

Tang Zhanghua said that it is necessary to have passion in sales work. Only with passion can we learn relevant business knowledge, enhance comprehensive ability and improve our own quality; Only with passion can we maintain momentum in work, seize opportunities, expand market share and expand market share

in August, 2011, the screw rod and connecting plate of the 26th World Universiade were fixed in Shenzhen by four tie rods and the same kind of beam. Previously, the three major bus companies in Shenzhen will successively update environmentally friendly buses, which is a great opportunity and challenge for many engine manufacturers. Facing the challenge, Tang improved some properties of the resin: improving rigidity, heat resistance and electrical insulation; Zhang Hua is full of pride: let Yuchai become the biggest winner in the bidding of vehicles for the Shenzhen Universiade

15 days before the bidding for vehicles for the Shenzhen Universiade, Tang Zhanghua received a message: it is estimated that he can win orders for up to 100 Yuchai engines. Tang Zhanghua was not discouraged. He immediately led the marketing staff to analyze the bidding characteristics, and then sorted out a product data report and recommended materials to submit to the leaders of Shenzhen public transport company, which made people feel the sincerity of Yuchai people and was driven by the excellent quality of Yuchai engine

Kung Fu pays off. In the bidding for the renewal of environmental friendly buses for the Shenzhen Universiade, Yuchai engine defeated the crowd, won more than 1160 orders, and won the initiative in the Shenzhen bus market. Then, 555 buses of Zhuhai Public Transport Company were invited to bid, 300 hybrid vehicles of Guangzhou public transport company were invited to bid, and LNG engines such as Foshan Nanhai Foshan Guangzhou bus, Maoming bus, Zhaoqing bus and Zhuhai bus could be used in the body bidding of car racing, so that Yuchai won 100% of the bid for harmonic amplification. Guangzhou g9+1 tourism enterprises also signed a strategic partnership agreement with Yuchai, laying a solid foundation for further expanding Yuchai's engine share

with the passion of the Guangdong sales team, Tang Zhanghua turned impossibility into possibility. Under the severe situation that the overall sales volume of the engine industry fell by more than 10% in 2011, Yuchai Guangdong Office exceeded the sales target, creating an impressive performance for its peers

keep warm in groups, and make miracles become normal

"sales depends on fighting in groups. Fighting alone cannot make the climate." Tang Zhanghua, who has many years of work experience, is well versed in the "secret" of sales. As a salesperson, he has been wandering outside for many years, and he knows his own joys and sorrows. Tang Zhanghua also has a personal sense of this. For this reason, he often takes time to chat with employees, listen to their voices, increase mutual communication, create a pleasant working atmosphere, enhance team cohesion, and make everyone work together to do a good job in sales

"do not compromise or give up any opportunity in the market" is the working principle that Tang Zhanghua has always adhered to. "Every order must be obtained" has become the goal of every member of the Guangdong sales team. No matter whether the order is large or small, they go all out. To this end, they start from customer satisfaction, often communicate with customers, and arrange relevant personnel to do technical training in advance, so as to drive market orders

in October 2011, the Guangdong Office of the sales company received a thank-you letter from the Guangdong Management Department of Dongfeng Liuqi: in recent years, the performance of the Guangdong Office of Dongfeng Liuqi has increased steadily, the sales volume and market share of the whole vehicle equipped with Yuchai engine have increased sharply, and the enthusiasm of dealers and user satisfaction have been greatly improved, thanks to the strong support and cooperation of the Guangdong Office of Yuchai. The letter is full of customers' trust and gratitude to Yuchai salesperson

in order to make the sales team work efficiently, Tang Zhanghua quantified and refined the work and authority of employees according to regional needs and personal expertise, and encouraged them to explore their personal potential and show their skills. He also often invited experts from the company's headquarters to the office for training courses to help employees learn all kinds of engine knowledge, requiring employees to understand engine knowledge in other sectors besides the business sector they are responsible for

unite and cooperate to overcome difficulties; Serve customers, aim to win, so that difficulties become no longer difficult, and miracles become normal. On the basis of stabilizing the original market, the Guangdong Office of Yuchai sales company has continuously explored new customer groups and further expanded its market share

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