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Molecular membrane Injection Enhancement Technology for low permeability reservoirs has made a breakthrough

recently, the research project of molecular membrane composite injection enhancement technology for low permeability sandstone reservoirs carried out by Shengli oilfield oil production Institute, a wholly-owned subsidiary of tongshuye environmental protection, has operated biodegradable materials and passed the technical achievement appraisal of the expert group. Since the successful development of this technology, it has been applied in 17 wells in Zhuangxi, Linpan, Binnan, Shengli and other oil production plants of Shengli Oilfield. The construction success rate and efficiency rate are 100%. The cumulative injection is 67000 cubic meters, and the corresponding oil well is increased by more than 3310 tons, and the validity period is more than 180 days. The effect is remarkable

it is reported that during the exploitation of crude oil, water injection should be used to supplement the reduced formation pressure due to the produced crude oil (referring to the blockage of the detour), while in low permeability reservoirs, oil production and water injection are more difficult due to the low formation permeability, so measures such as increasing the water injection pressure have to be taken. Even if pressure boosting measures are taken in many wells, the under injection is still serious, which has a negative impact on the development of the oil field, High water injection pressure also affects the service life of oil casing, resulting in a substantial increase in oilfield development costs

in view of these problems, the water injection Institute of Shengli oilfield oil production Institute set up a project in 2011 to carry out research on molecular membrane Injection Enhancement Technology for low-permeability reservoirs with low porosity and low permeability, sensitivity of reservoir minerals, emulsified oil plugging and other characteristics. For more than two years, they independently developed the molecular membrane injection enhancer, revealed its injection mechanism, optimized the best pilot production process of the molecular membrane injection enhancer, and conducted industrial production, forming a molecular membrane composite injection technology suitable for sandstone, glutenite, beach bar sand and other low-permeability reservoirs

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