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Yuchai leads the industry to spawn China's Euro VI diesel engine

Yuchai leads the industry to spawn China's Euro VI diesel engine

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Guide: on the morning of June 29, in the summer drizzle, a brief Yuchai 6l-60 Euro VI prototype technology conference attracted the attention of many media. At the press conference, the head of the national car quality supervision and testing center read out the test report. The chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group and the director of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd

on the morning of June 29, in the drizzle of summer, a brief technical conference of Yuchai 6l-60 Euro VI prototype attracted the attention of many multimedia

at the press conference, the person in charge of the national car quality supervision and testing center read out the test report. Yanping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group and chairman of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., announced that Yuchai had successfully developed China's first vehicle meeting Euro VI emissions. These enterprises will be liquidated before the end of September, cancel or supplement and improve procedures for curve comparison with the improvement and rectification method; The new technological achievement of regulating vehicle diesel engine

"China's first national 1 to national 5 emission engine was born in Yuchai and first promoted and applied to the market", Shen Jie, chief engineer of Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., said in an interview, "the successful launch of Euro VI diesel engine shows that Yuchai is once again at the forefront of the industry, filling the gap of efficient and clean diesel engines in China, and becoming another milestone in the history of engine research and development in China."

in Shen Jie's eyes, Yuchai's ability to be a technology leader in the industry over the years cannot be separated from the support of technological innovation, and every step of technological innovation cannot be separated from a "unity, vitality, passion" scientific research and technology team that Yuchai is proud of

in Yuchai, no matter what you think, you will always have the opportunity to practice

36 year old Lin Tiejian is the assistant to the president of Yuchai Engineering Research Institute. His first post after graduating from doctor's degree in 2004 is a technician of Yuchai Engineering Research Institute. As a member of the team that developed the dazzling technical achievements at the press conference, he wore a faint smile on his face. "We did a lot of basic research four years ago and have been continuously tracking the international cutting-edge technology. Today's achievements are the result of the gradual and virtuous cycle of research and development." He said calmly

Tao Zemin, who is only three years older than Lin Tiejian, is the chief engineer of new technology application and development technology of Yuchai Engineering Research Institute. He joined Yuchai in 1994 and participated in and witnessed the launch of engines with emissions from country 1 to country 5. Whether the enterprise is in the downturn of development or has become the king of the power industry in the past decade, he has always been full of passion for the stage given by Yuchai

"in Yuchai, no matter what you think, you always have a chance to practice." For Tao Zemin, who is "full of ideas" in the eyes of his colleagues, Yuchai best fits his challenging personality

in 2000, Tao Zemin, who was only 27 years old at that time, conceived of boosting the internal combustion engine. The leaders of the company strongly supported him and immediately equipped forces to help him set up a technical team. A year later, the research project was successful, and the engines modified with supercharging technology were sold more than 10000 that year, each of which was more than 1000 yuan cheaper than the original market price

"for our R & D technicians, Yuchai is happy and dares to give you a stage. The company's leaders allow you to make mistakes, and you won't hold fast to them because you make mistakes." This is particularly important not only for Tao Zemin, but also for the young technical team with dreams

the average age of Yuchai's scientific research and technology team is only about 30 years old. Doctors Lin Tiejian and Tao Zemin are already project managers who have taken the lead. They believe that the company has been trying to create conditions to narrow the gap between young teams with insufficient experience and spur them to grow

"Yuchai is remote, but not closed. The company has established R & D bases in many well-known R & D institutions and universities abroad, and the exchange of advanced R & D technology and achievements is very convenient. In addition, the company will arrange us to visit exhibitions abroad every year to get access to the most advanced technology."

it is precisely because Yuchai attaches importance to scientific research and makes every effort to build a stage for scientific research and technical personnel. In the face of the ever-changing market demand, Yuchai has always been able to lead the power market with innovative products. Lin Zhiqiang, President of Yuchai Engineering Research Institute, as the seventh director of Yuchai national enterprise technology center, said with deep feeling: "Yuchai's product strategy is to be leading and applicable. In recent years, the technological progress of the internal combustion engine industry is mainly reflected in the upgrading of emission regulations. Yuchai can take the lead in launching products that meet the regulations and even promote the upgrading and change of regulations every time."

the gap with the international advanced level has been narrowed step by step

in June this year, Wu Qiwei, who has just been the general manager of Yuchai Co., Ltd. for three months, organized the largest and largest delegation in the history of Yuchai's development to go out for investigation. The delegation, consisting of 38 company management cadres, visited various domestic manufacturing enterprises with distinctive characteristics, such as SAIC GM Wuling, Jiangling, Dongfeng Cummins, etc., for 9 days

Yuchai group has experienced a large-scale high growth rate of more than 30% annually in recent years, creating a unique "Yuchai phenomenon" in the whole industry. For nine consecutive years, the production and sales of diesel engines have ranked first in the industry. Especially after the sales exceeded 500000 units in 2010, Yuchai group's next step is to achieve the goal of "excellent power, international Yuchai". How to break through some bottlenecks and obstacles has become a difficult problem faced by Wu Qiwei after taking office

"by visiting and comparing, we found our gap and the direction of our efforts." In order to further promote the development of China's new material industry, Wu Qiwei is satisfied with his move after taking office

Wu Qiwei joined Yuchai in 1997, from production posts to R & D centers, and then fought on the battlefield of sales for ten years, creating a miracle of ten times the growth of Yuchai sales. He knows how important technology and sales are to enterprises

the successful launch of Euro VI diesel engine not only shows that Yuchai has once again filled the gap of domestic efficient and clean diesel engine, but also in Wu Qiwei's eyes, the key is to "narrow the gap with the international advanced level step by step"

Lin Tiejian said, "from country 1 to country 5, we have always been following the international advanced standard. The successful launch of Euro VI diesel engine in Yuchai shows that our mechanical design and development ability has reached the international level, and we feel that we are from a follower to a leader."

behind the transformation of this feeling is the hardships and efforts made by Yuchai researchers, as well as the endless pursuit of technological innovation

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