The demand for the hottest UV ink increases

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The demand for UV ink is increasing

UV ink has become a mature ink product. Its pollutant emission is almost zero. In 2003, the global annual output of UV ink was about 16000 tons in Japan, 18000 tons in Europe and 19000 tons in North America. The export growth of China's extruder products will show a situation of steady progress. The UV ink used in flexography in the United States in 2000 has reached 3500 tons

it is predicted that by 2005, the global market share of UV inks will be increased from US $1.1 billion in 2001 to US $1.5 billion. In the field of inkjet printing, printing and flexographic printing, due to the low market share of UV ink, the growth rate is large, which can reach 20%. In the field of flexographic printing, free radical UV ink is the core technology, accounting for 95% of the market share. Cationic UV ink has a small market share of only about 4% due to its high price (about twice the price of free radical UV ink). The proportion of plastic film in the European food packaging market will further increase

according to the recent prediction and Research Report of frost Sulivan international market research company, when it comes to the development and application of metallocene catalysts, it has played a surprising role in polyolefin thin belly thinning process. And with the reduction of its price, polyethylene polyglycone film will occupy the future packaging market with thinner and lighter excellent performance. It is also very worthy of being studied Enterprises in the "painful period" should learn and learn from it. In the next few years, plastic is expected to further increase its market share in the European food packaging market. From the general trend, the light and thin packaging film will occupy a large market share, because this film can not only meet the requirements of multi-layer, high strength, excellent air permeability and suitable for desk printing, but also save raw materials, reduce costs, reduce waste generation, and be conducive to environmental protection. Therefore, it will have a bright market prospect.

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