The demand for the most train borne display screen

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At present, the on-board display screen is mainly used in high-end vehicles, but the market trend shows that entry-level and unable to obtain accurate experimental results. Intermediate vehicles will also introduce this technology into the newly released vehicles

according to foreign media reports, according to the survey of market research company DIGITIMES research, panel manufacturers are becoming more and more optimistic about the vehicle display business department, because the market demand for smart and connected vehicles is increasing

in high-end vehicles, up to 6 on-board displays are used, such as dashboard, navigation and rear seat entertainment, but these applications will be extended to other automotive departments in the future

the price of vehicle mounted display screen rises again and again, and the price is falling. The production technology of this subdivision department is also improving, which means that more manufacturers may introduce vehicle mounted display screen

panel manufacturers also believe that compared with other departments, the profits from this segment will continue to maintain a high level. For example, the profit margin of display panel is constantly decreasing, only 5% to 10%

digitimes research added that Innolux, auoptronics, LG and sharp are the main producers of this segment, and these companies expect the demand of the leading quarter in 2016 to remain stable

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