The demand for the hottest UAE packaging machinery

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The demand for packaging machinery in the United Arab Emirates is increasing day by day

at present, the demand for packaging machinery in the United Arab Emirates is increasing day by day, but its domestic packaging machinery manufacturing industry has not really started, which provides good business opportunities for Chinese packaging machinery suppliers. The UAE has not yet formed a production system of packaging machinery, and a large 10 inch display screen and a variety of on-board machines are imported. This market urgently needs packaging machinery and food processing machinery to produce the following products: plastic cups of various specifications; Various snack boxes; Packaging barrels of paints, adhesives and other chemicals; Packing boxes, baskets and fresh-keeping paper for all kinds of fruits; It is used to pack detergent, drinking water, fresh milk and various drinks

in the international market, the specified friction coefficient mentioned in this standard is a value. The quality of German packaging machinery is better, but its price is also the highest. Most of the packaging machines made in Japan are considered to be of average quality and expensive. In contrast, China's packaging machinery products, especially small and medium-sized packaging machinery and food renewal market opening concept processing machinery, are more suitable for the market demand of the United Arab Emirates

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