The demand for the hottest UV printing blanket con

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The demand for UV printing blanket continues to grow

in recent years, the demand for UV printing blanket continues to grow

in order to ensure the best transfer and point reduction of UV ink, it is best to use air cushion blanket, because it has good acid resistance, oil resistance, hydrophobicity and good ink transmission. The industrial advanced epoxy or polyurethane based powder binder is used to stabilize the one-way fabric lamination performance, which can ensure the minimum midpoint deformation in the printing process, clear printing graphics and texts, good reproducibility of high-profile parts, and small plate wear. In UV printing, the rubber component in the blanket must withstand the corrosion of chemical UV cleaner and ink. The special rubber blanket for UV contains not only epdn, but also natural rubber. Therefore, it has better corrosion resistance to overcome the technical difficulties such as flow marks and welding lines. Ordinary blanket cannot be used for UV printing, and ordinary ink cannot be used for UV blanket. However, many printing plants often have to switch between ordinary ink printing and UV printing on the same printing machine. Coupled with the emergence of composite ink, most blanket manufacturers began to produce dual-use blanket

take Italian Reeves company as an example, they have successfully developed a variety of UV printing compatible blanket, such as Vulcan combo, Vulcan UV and so on, which are highly praised by European users

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