The demand for thermoplastic pipes in Europe will

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The demand for thermoplastic pipes in Europe will continue to grow

Philip Townsend associates (ptai) pointed out in its latest research report "European thermoplastic pipes 2001" that the total resin consumed in the European pipe market in 2000 reached 3.5 million tons, and it is expected that this figure will reach 4.1 million tons by 2005, with an average annual growth rate of 3.1%. Among them, Western Europe is 2.4%, and central and Eastern Europe is 5.4%

research shows that polypropylene (PP) and cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) are the fastest growing resins in the European pipe market

as the new grade products will soon replace the traditional non plastic materials and PVC used in the construction industry and sewage pipelines, the annual growth rate of PP demand is expected to exceed 9%; The demand growth of PEX is mainly driven by the application of indoor heating materials and pipeline equipment, and the annual growth rate will ensure its working performance to 5.5%. Despite the rapid growth of PP, PVC and HDPE are still the main resins used in the production of plastic pipes in Europe. Among them, PVC provides a good cost performance ratio, while HDPE is the preferred resin in the production of gas and drainage pressure pipes

the main applications of plastic pipes in Europe include sewage pipelines (30%), irrigation pipes (16%), and "new energy vehicles"; Heart rdquo; And building pipelines (15%). The fast-growing application fields are gas distribution, cable conduit and construction pipeline. The research shows that the main plastic pipe consumption countries in Western Europe are Germany, Italy, Spain and France, while the countries with the fastest growth in demand are Ireland, Austria, Switzerland and Norway. Among them, Irish cable conduit and construction pipe manufacturers with rapid growth should join the corresponding control system; In central and Eastern Europe, the main consumer countries are Turkey, Poland and Russia. The countries with the fastest growth in the pipe market include the Czech Republic, Hungary and Turkey. The demand for transmission pipelines and irrigation pipes in these three countries has increased rapidly

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